Funny story

The last several weeks, when dropping off Brent Blades after eating at JBoys or just from the show in general, Nick Maniwa has started the trend of yelling out the window as we pull away “Fuck you Brent Blades you cocksucking motherfucker.”

Well last night, Shaina and I were going to see a movie and were driving past the Wal-Mart at River Falls Mall. She says “hey look, isn’t that Misty from wrestling.” At that point, I see Brent Blades walking towards the Wal-Mart coming from the parking lot. I roll down my window and yell the F you blah blah blah tirade at him and keep on driving. I get a message on my voicemail a few seconds later with “You son of a bitch, you scared the fuck out of me. I didn’t know it was you until after you had already passed”

I love being an idiot. Well back to watching war coverage before Shaina and I head out to the Union Station hotel in Nashville.

Here is a writeup describing the hotel as I can’t find the picture of it now that the Mayor has shown me how I post pictures. Thanks mayor.

< A 65-foot barrel-vaulted ceiling of Tiffany stained glass, glittering gold- leaf mirrors and bas-relief sculptures adorn the lobby area, capturing the historic elegance of the building. Built at the height of Nashville’s growth, this classic example of Romanesque architecture is still a landmark in the heart of the Music City. >>

Good Day.


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