Well I guess it is that time again

That time being another boring installment of my life.

I got to do commentary with Prazak this past weekend for about half the show. I always enjoy doing commentary with Dave. He is awesome and it allows me to just ramble and have fun cause I know he will do the match in the ring justice much better than I ever oould.

It is the time of the year for me to crank out PWI 500 reports and the Guide to Indys IWA report for Pro Wrestling Illustated. So far, I have Hero and Mark Wolf’s written and printed out. I’ll probably do Punk and Ian later today.

I almost got into a brawl with a drunk and his friend at JBoys after the show Saturday night. Drunk people should just be shot in the head and killed when entering a public place that isn’t a bar. Make the world a better place and kill the drunks people. I’m serious. The drunk and his loud mouth friend should be thankful that 1) Shaina wouldn’t get up and let me out of the booth and 2) the waitress quickly ushered us to the other side of the restaurant and begged me not to do anything.

I think Shaina and I will be going to Tailgaters on Thursday to watch the Dave Matthews cover band since Shaina loves the Dave Matthews Band. Hopefully the cover band is decent so she will enjoy it.

On a final note, I got a merit badge at Home Depot last night along with the rest of the Freight Team for the way to pulled together and got stuff done the past couple of weeks being severely understaffed and then the past week for training 5 new people while still getting stuff done. That makes 2 merit badges in the past two months after going the first 7 months without getting one.

Good Day.






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