Dixie Chicks concert turns into fight? Whodathunkit

In a continuing trend of how I can’t go anywhere without almost getting into a fight comes another story.

Now for the graphic details you’ll all been waiting for.

These two girls (well one was a female whale), would not sit down that were right in front of us. Surprisingly, I did not say one thing to them about it the whole night. They finally sat down. A guy almost stumbled into them but was still quite a distance away when the skinnier girl reached her arm out to block the guy from falling into her. It looked like she was trying to grab his ass though. Shaina and I chuckled. Shaina then reached out her hand towards the back of the girl’s head in mocking fashion. Shamu then turns to the other girl and said “that bitch just tried to hit you.” The girl turned around and glared and then they decided to stand up again in front of us. I said “oh no, don’t do what you’ve done for the last 90 minutes. That’ll teach us.” Shaina then reached down and grabbed her cowboy hat off her chair and tossed it into the aisle. She turned around and asked if we had a problem. Shaina then wouldn’t move her feet off the back of her chair so the girl who two seconds earlier got in Shaina’s face wanting to fight, then ran off to get an usher. Shamu then said something about Shaina being an “ugly bitch”. I then turned my leg into a harpoon and went after Moby Dick. As my foot drilled the middle of her back, five innocent people got crushed in front of the beast. Security threatened to kick us out but stated that of course he would have to go and get the cops because he couldn’t do it on his own.

For those of you who are now disgusted that I would kick a female, remember this, I believe in picking on someone your size and since she had at least 50 pounds on me, it was fair. Also, whales aren’t humans so hate me for cruelty to animals first.

Other than that, the concert was very good. We also went to Mr. Gatti’s today to celebrate John Calvin’s birthday.

I’m now off to email a lady who “exclusively” sells IWA Mid-South videotapes.

Good Day.






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