Home Depot softball, apartments and other things

Well it has been quite awhile since I updated but nothng worth talking about had happened.

Last night was the start of the softball season for the Home Depot teams. The men won by forfeit because the Clarksville Police Department team didn’t have enough players. We had 16 players so we got two of the girls from the co-ed team and played a scrimmage game to prepare for the co-ed game.

It was like I was in a time warp. IWA team or Home Depot team? Who knows, it was hard to tell the difference. Now onto the riot I almost started. Late in the game I finally got in and had to play first base. I believe I have one game of experience at first base and that was at age 7. I was standing in the base line watching our fielders chase down a ball with my back to the infield. The guy rounded first and saw the need to shove me in the back with both hands on his way to second. When he got to second and stopped, he turned to see me right there in his face. I let him know that if he ever put his hands on my again that he would loose the use of his arm.

This is where the fun begins. Two black guys, one you makes Todd Morton look like Andre, get in my face and say how they would have run me over for being in the way nnstead of just pushing me. I let the midget know that I would pay him $5 if he even thought he could run me over without me being on my knees first to make it a fair fight. They then told me that they were going to kick my ass after the game. I suggested they take an early bird special and try it now instead of waiting. The umps broke it up and I thought it was over. A minute later some trailer trash from the stands goes up to the fence to say that he is jumping me after the game. I let him know that by telling me, the odds of his “jumping” me just dwindled so he might as well get on the field and do it now. The nonmidget black man then got a hit and was on first base. He kept talking shit about what he was going to do to me so I walked right up to him and got in his face and told him to either put up or shut up because I was getting bored with his chatter. He then proceeded to tell me that I didnt know who I was messing with and that he was going to get his gun and shoot me after the game. That led to another face to face meeting and caused the umps to again warn us that any further incidents would result in us being banned from the league. The gangsta wannabe then said “I haven’t said a thing the whole game.” The ump gave a look like “Does this nigger actually think I’m deaf?” and the Home Depot coach Jason Abell was out to yank me from the game. I told my new gangsta friend who like the other punk ass gangsta in my life Atomic Dog, had to threaten to shoot me because they couldn’t do anything else, that I would be waiting after the game if he wanted to continue our friendly discussion.

Needless to say, he didn’t come anywhere near me for the five minutes after the game I stood there. Alas, it was time to leave for work. I get to work and find out that last year, the cops had to be called on that team because they were talking shit and starting trouble all the time. Why in the hell were they allowed back in this year you ask? I guess the league needed to fulfill their quota.

The openers that came in were all at the game and when they saw me, they would shoot me with their finger guns, ask if there were any cappings last night or things of that nature. To those that have seen the Tracy Smothers shoot, all I can say about the ordeal was “I loved it. I did. I did. I did.”

Shaina has already updated her journal about our apartment search but I will get into it here as well. It is a nice townhouse with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath and all kinds of room as well as a little patio in the back that you can put a grill and plant a garden. Hopefully I will get everything filled out by later today and get it turned in tomorrow. They said it would take 2 hours to process the application and tell me if I can get it.

Finally, Ian is back in town so my days of running the weekly shows are over for now. Perhaps the people will start coming again now that he is back. They don’t think the shows will be good without Rotten there. Oh well. I think the shows are just as good. The only difference is the shows are shorter but I think they are just as good.

That is about it for this update. I will be back with news on the apartment or the next softball fight,whichever comes first.

Good Day.






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