Yes I am still alive

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am still alive. Now onto my thoughts and experiences of the last couple of weeks.

Shaina and I will have our one year anniversary on Monday. If you would have asked me two years ago if this day would ever come I would have thought you were crazy. I guess sometimes you just have to wait for good things to happen. I know Brent agrees with me.

In a couple of hours I will be going to church with Shaina and her parents for Easter. First time I’ll have gone to church in quite some time. After church it will be time to watch the Tracy Smothers shoot interview. Smart Mark Video kicks ass by the way.

My beloved Cubs are in first place and playing great baseball. I went to see Kelly Dranseldt play for the Bats last weekend with the mayor and he got a triple. So baseball is going well.

I picked up Jonny Storm and Axl at the airport yesterday. Shaina was watching all the people come off the planes and run to the people waiting to pick them up and then hugging and crying. She said “you need to do that to Axl when he gets here.” Axl beat me to the punch. As soon as he saw me, he did a slo-mo run and gave me a hug as he cried fake tears. I guess great minds think alike.

We had fun at Jonny Storm’s expense. We had a printout I made on the computer that had a British Flag on it and under it was written ENGLISH MUFFIN. We repeatedly called him that his first time in and decided to keep the theme going. He was very happy when he saw the flag. He then read the English Muffin line and wadded up the paper nnd acted like he was going to go back to the plane. Mike Miller then brought english muffins to the show with icing and a cnndle snce it was Jonny’s birthday. That was another good idea from Shaina and Jonny said “you motherfucker” to me in the ring when Mike gave it to him before the match started. Mike even got an English Muffin chant going.

On a final note, Shaina and I were at McDonalds by the building and a homeless man was outside by the door. He was taking change from people and then went to the gas station next door and bought a pack of Pall Mall’s. He then took some more change. We took him a hamburger and fries and he wouldn’t take them. Guess he didn’t want to fill up on food before filling up on booze if he got enugh money for it. At least our hearts were in the right place.

Good Day and Happy Easter everyone.


[old Easter greeting card – postcard image.  photo author/copyright unknown.]






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