War and other things

Well I safely returned from my trip home to Morris, Illinois. It is now just under three weeks until my best friend of 21 years gets married. Good luck and congrats Chris. Next May will be the wedding of my other best friend from back home. I only keep in touch with those two from my childhood days and still have trouble thinking that we have grown up but hell I’m fricking 26 years old so we’ve been grown up for years now.

I bought Nick Maniwa a novelty IL license plate that says Mafia on it. I bought myself 2 Cubs jerseys. I now can die a happy man with my Cubs jerseys 😉

I’m going to be a homer and pick UK to win it all this year even though I just mailed out my application for U of L yesterday. I would love to see an UK vs. U of L championship match.

Finally on a more serious matter, best of luck to our troops as they prepare for the start of the war that will probably begin as early as tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers will be with them as I support my President in his use of force. Saddam should have been taken out of commission 12 years ago. I strongly believe that he played a hand in helping that sniveling little coward Bin Laden. I will give Saddam credit for at least not digging a hole and hiding like a pussy and taking the interview with Dan Rather. Have fun living underground and running scared you piece of shit Bin Laden. Takes a brave man to have a bunch of idiots pull kamikaze missions for you while you hide in a camel’s ass for the rest of time. I’m going to end my tirade on that subject for now however since cowards aren’t worth that much time.

Speaking of pussies, a big shout out to Necro Butcher for breaking the nose and injuring of the eye of Manslaughter. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

To finish this update, I have a story to pass along that occured at Denny’s after the show Friday night. A table behind Shaina and I had 4 people talking wrestling and about Shark Boy being on RAW. Shaina told me to turn around and tell them about IWA. I went on a long winded spiel about it being my personal time and leaving wrestling at the building. When they got up to leave, the last one stopped at the table and with head bowed down and a look of fear on his face he said, “I hate to bother you while you are eating but I wanted to say that it was a great show tonight.” He then dashed out of Denny’s like I was going to choke him or something.

I love my life.

Good Day.






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