long, full weekend full of chicanery

Well it has been awhile since I updated this thing. Not that anybody is really reading it anyway.

This was the 300th show in IWA history weekend. Everyone said it would be 4 AM when the show ended, but we ended early….2 AM.

IWA Tony helped make Saturday afternoon alot of fun at the mall with his antics of trying to get girls to slap his hands. The reaction was great. Sort of the looks I used to get from people. Hell I still do to some extent.

BFE coming back was the highlight of the weekend though. Stories of the Milwaukee special and chicanery of old took me and Nick Maniwa down memory lane. Dinner with Kelly and BFE afterwards was good but it didn’t measure up to Brent, Nick, Mickie, her out of place friend, Shaina and I at JBoys Saturday night. I think we are banned from there for life. I bet the mystery glass was just thrown in the garbage instead of being cleaned.

I now read on the message board that people are wondering why the intros for JC and Simon are so much worse than the intros for even the referees. Well hello. Think about it, use common sense, and get back to me when you buy a clue. Until then, know that I even would give Carmine and Frankie better intros.

That is enough for today. I don’t think anyone cares and quite frankly neither do I.

Good Day.







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