Tonight’s events


Brent and I had planned on watching St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and Roaring 20’s and making it a gangster movie night. Unfortunately, neither movie was able to be found anywhere. Brent’s brother came along and he was an alright kid.

We ended up watching Goodfellas instead, except for Adam who fell asleep shortly after the movie started. Goodfellas was a real good movie but it wasn’t quite as good as Godfather and Godfather II.

We went to play bingo afterwards and Adam wins on the first game played and Brent wins at the end. What about Jim you ask? Well I kept my streak alive. 0-50 on bingo nights. I do believe I’ve had enough of bingo. I’ll keep my $12. That’s almost 3 meals at McDonald’s.

I’ve been playing alot of Poppit on the last couple of days. This only working 2 nights a week stuff is beginning to ruin me.

That’s it for today. Good Day.







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