last few days

Ian was in Milwaukee this past weekend which means that I got to run the IWA show. Something always happens or goes wrong when I’m running the show.

The opener was sloppy. The hardcore match was nothing special as most are anyway. Thankfully Jerry Lynn and Chris Hero was the main event and made up for the lackluster hardcore match. Mark and Todd beat each other up as always and I had a blast doing commentary with Todd. Smarts won’t like it but it was fun.

JBoys was eventful after the show. Brent, Joey, Nicky, Shaina and I went to eat and we ended up leaving with a caution wet floor sign, a holder full of jelly and several pamphlets. If any law enforcement officials or JBoys employees happen to come across this, I did absolutely nothing but pay the bill. The sign and jelly holder will not have my fingerprints on them at all.

The highlight of the weekend however was Friday night. The Bowling Ball Mafia reunited in glorius fashion. Shaina, Nick Maniwa, Joey Capone and myself went to Hoops. Nick Maniwa is now a star rap karoake singer. Shaina did a wonderful job singing as well. We might have found another chicanery event to partake in on weekends when there isn’t a Friday night wrestling show.

Sunday saw Shaina and I go to see Final Destination 2. Think of a bad backyard hardcore match and that is what watching Final Destination 2 was like. I did not like that movie at all. If you are looking for better choices currently playing, these have been seen and were much better: Catch Me If You Can, Just Married and A Guy Thing. But if you like bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed and violence for the sake of violence, then you might like Final Destination 2. They do find horrifically graphic ways for everyone to die if you are in to that kind of thing.

That does it was this update. Good Day.







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