week’s worth of notes


Friday night February 7th was unbelievable due to the fact that Chris Hero and CM Punk went 92 minutes and 15 seconds in the best wrestling match I have ever seen. They were worried about topping the TLC match but they shouldn’t have. This one was amazing. Kudos to both for being able to last that long. Hero then went out the next night and went 30 more minutes in a great match with Todd Morton. Great weekend for IWA Mid-South fans.

JBoys was again the hotbed of action both nights for chicanery. Brent and I just sit back and watch the ignorance occur. Nick Maniwa and Joey Capone were both introduced to the harsh realities of ribdom by having their drinks tampered with by myself. Nick Maniwa took a sip of Wild Cherry Pepsi with sugar, salt and A1. Joey noticied the mayonaisse in his drink and didn’t take a sip. Nick Maniwa saw me put the grape jelly and ketchup in his drink the second night.

Monday night was sad due to the passing of one of the truly great workers of all time in Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. I grew up watching him in AWA before he was perfect and then when he was the only reason to watch the WWF in the late 80s early 90s. RIP Curt and may you have fun in heaven with Rick Rude, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart and the others you join. Maybe they could be holding a tournament for former IC champs.

Monday night also saw Brent and I finally watching the Roaring 20s and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. I like watching gangster movies with Brent but lets hope that starting next week, I don’t have the opportunity to watch them due to being able to work a full week.

That brings an end to this long boring drivel for now.

Good Day.







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