Those were the days

I have to give a nice plug to Brent Blades for finding the Sports Guy on My life has changed for the better due to the comedy that I get to read from those columns. Brent, thanks for sending all the old ones today. It made for great reading. If you are reading this and haven’t experienced the Sports Guy, im either me or Brent and get a link sometime.

This is another two night work week for me. That sucks big time. Can’t pay the bills working 8 nights month.

Shaina is staying the weekend again to partake for the first time of the bowling ball mafia experience. Nick Maniwa has been waiting for awhile for that. A reunion of chicanery seeking bowlers. Should be a great time.

It seems that Ian Rotten and myself are quite the topic on the message board this week. Plenty of haters out there. They can go screw themselves even though with their tiny penises they wouldn’t feel it. I’d love for just one of them to try saying any of that crap to our face at a show. Oh, it takes courage to do that so it will never happen.

Well that is it for today. Look for an update on the chicanery happenings from this weekend.

Good Day.







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