so close yet oh so far away

This past weekend for the much anticipated Cubs convention. I’ve been waiting for months for this thing and finally it was here.

My stated goal going in: get a picture with all time favorite Cub Jody Davis. We entered the convention around 9 am and around 9:30 am I had my picture with Jody Jody Davis, King of the Wild Frontier. Even Brent Blades had a picture with him.

Lesson learned from achieving goal in the first 30 minutes? It only goes downhill from there.

I stood in line for half an hour to get two things autographed by Jody Davis. When I was about 15 minutes away from getting to the stage, he left and two rookies came in to replace Davis and Keith Moreland. Nic Jackson and David Kelton are now on the black list. Unless they lead the Cubs to a world series championship, I will hate them for life.

Ian got an autograph on a baseball bat from Sammy Sosa. Brent won the lottery and offered it to me but it happened while I was in line for Jody Davis. Jody Davis or Sammy Sosa? I choose Davis and as mentioned earlier, I got screwed. I could have made it through the life if I hadn’t been blocked by people waiting for the rookies. If they didn’t want Davis and Moreland, why couldn’t they have gotten out of my way? Bastards. All of them. In the immortal words of Johnny Carson, “may a desert vulture mistake them for his favorite rock.”

Anyway, I am back in Louisville now and waiting to go back to work.

Good Day.







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