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Picture 1 (top left): 2 Diet Pepsis and a Strawberry Margarita Picture 2 (top right): Hatch Queso with the Pico de Gallo on the side Picture 3 (bottom): Regular fries, 30 Honey BBQ boneless wings, and carrots/celery with ranch #buffalowildwings

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Bare Bones Cheesy Broccoli Plant Based Soup

5/5 stars
I tried the cheesy broccoli and it was pretty tasty. The green coloring was true to the color of broccoli. I liked the texture. The soup had little chunks of broccoli in it and it had a smooth creamy texture. The smell was pleasant. It wasn\’t off putting at all and smelled like you would think broccoli and cheese soup should smell. I really enjoyed the taste. The soup filled me up and was a nice bowl sized serving. I could taste both the cheesiness and the broccoli.

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