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Pitaya Foods All Natural 100% Plant Aloe Vera Bite-Sized Pieces Review
5/5 stars
I was really hesitant to try this product. I wasn’t aware that aloe vera could be eaten. I’ve used skincare products that contain aloe vera, but never associated it with food. I tried a few of the other Pitaya Foods frozen fruits and enjoyed them so my hope was that this product is as good as the other frozen products. After trying the aloe vera, I wouldn’t recommend eating it by itself, I think it lends itself more of an additive but that’s personal taste preference rather than a statement about the product itself. I did find that the aloe vera was light, fresh, with a nice taste to it even frozen. It did taste close enough to an ice cube that it would blend excellently with any recipe. The product smelled nice and looked visually appealing.

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