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    Kerastase Paris, K Nutritive, 8H Magic Night Serum Plant-based proteins + Niacinamide. Overnight Beauty serum. high nutrition serum for dry hair. @kerastase_official, @bzzagent, @sephora #snailmail #sample Kerastase Paris, K Nutritive, 8H magic night serum review 5/5 stars I have long, thin, dry, colored hair. Whenever I try a product, I am worried about a couple…

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    Bonne Maman Apricot Fruit Spread Review 5/5 stars I tried the apricot fruit spread. This fruit spread was easily put on the toast and spread easily. The fruit spread has a nice orange coloring to it. It was very visually and mouth wateringly appealing. I found the taste very sweet and what you would want…

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    Pictured L to R: Hodo Vegan All-Day Egg Scramble, Garden of Flavor Cold Pressed Energy Elixir Wheatgrass Pineapple, Richard’s Rainwater Hodo Vegan All-Day Egg Scramble Review 4/5 stars This product was as advertised. I didn’t have to do anything but open the package and heat it up. It was very easy to prepare. The coloring…