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I am a frequent, daily user of Microsoft Bing. They have an opportunity in the weather section to get a tree planted if you visit enough and get enough points. The program is in conjunction with the Eden Reforestation Project.

The first picture reads, Microsoft Start Weather. I just helped a real tree get planted in Mozambique! E tree certificate, name of tree, type of tree: Mangrove, and location of the tree: Mozambique.

When I completed the first tree, I didn’t know how long it took me since I didn’t measure it. The second time around I was diligent about visiting every day and clicking through all of the opportunities for points. It took me 6 weeks and a couple of days to get the second e-tree.

Mangrove Tree Certificate
Your tree will be the 2376961th tree planted.
Tree will be planted by the Eden Reforestation Project.
Type of tree: Mangrove.
Location of the tree: Mozambique.

Honestly, due to the e-tree program, I know where Mozambique, Africa is located. However, if you do not know where it is located then here is a link on Google Maps.

Link to the first e-tree post:
Microsoft Start E-Tree number 1

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