Boston Red Sox win 2013 World Series

The 2013 World Series is in the books and the Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 in one of the wildest and weirdest World Series that has been played in quite some time.  It began and ended with the Red Sox blowing out the Cardinals in Games 1 and 6 and everything in between was filled with crazy.

Game 3 ended with a walk off Obstruction call which no one had ever seen before to give the Cardinals a 2-1 lead in the series:



Game 4 ended with another first time event…Kolton Wong made the last out of the game with the tying runner up to bat…by being picked off of first base.  The first ever walk off pickoff:


Game 5 didn’t end with a historic out or umpire call but it did have it’s crazy moment when the first known incident of a fantastically crafted paper airplane interrupted the game as it came flying past the mound:

Paper airplane thrown onto field during World Series Game 5


The series returned to Boston with the Red Sox leading 3 games to 2 and just needing 1 victory and having 2 tries to do it in order to win their first World Series at Fenway Park since 1918.  Bad omens hit the St. Louis Cardinals before they could even arrive in Boston as their airplane sat on the runway for repairs for 6 hours before they could depart St. Louis.

Game 6 was just an all out romp by the Red Sox.  The Cardinals had rookie Michael Wacha on the mound and he had been almost unhittable in the postseason up to this point.  (BTW, Wacha was the compensation that the Cardinals received from the Angels after they signed Albert Pujols…think the Angels would like to have that as a do over?) Unfortunately for St. Louis, the rookie’s magic touch run out early in Game 6.  He did the second biggest no no that you could do to this Red Sox team (#1 being to give Big Papi anything to hit) and he let Shane Victorino come to bat with the bases loaded in the postseason.  Victorino hit a 3 RBI double the first time it happened tonight and the second time it happened it was an RBI single.  Victorino has 3 at bats with the bases loaded in the postseason during his career and he has a grand slam, 3 RBI double and an RBI single.  Here is what it looked like after his bases clearing double:

A lot of SAFE calls in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series as the Red Sox score 3 runs


That’s a lot of safe calls!

The weird did decide to show up in Game 6 as well.  Jacoby Ellsbury was able to survive a rundown and that was when everyone on Twitter and across the country knew that it just wasn’t the Cardinals night:

Ellsbury survives a rundown in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series


That left it up to Uehara to come in and slam the door in the 9th inning and preserve the championship for the Red Sox.  A lot of times, closers will struggle in non save situations but Uehara mowed them down to bring Boston fans their first chance to celebrate a title win at home in 95 years:

Uehara records the last out of the 2013 World Series and celebration begins


Big Papi was named the MVP in what has to be the least surprising election result since Reagan crushed Mondale in 1984.  Ortiz was 11 for 16 (.688 avg) with an OBP of .760.  He had 2 HRs and 6 RBI (and he was robbed of a Grand Slam in the series by Carlos Beltran.)  What is a minor surprise is that they didn’t go with CO-MVPs and split it with Jon Lester who gave up 1 run in 15+ innings of work and went 2-0 against the Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright.  So how does a man like Big Papi celebrate being World Series MVP and winning his 3rd WS title?  Well by drinking from a champagne bottle that is bigger than he is, of course!



Hail to the victors…the Boston Red Sox…thank God it wasn’t the Cardinals.


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