Council of the Cats called a meeting this afternoon.. ironically without their Sec. of Defense Mr Blackness in attendance. #gettingstuffdone

That’s ok though, he promptly fills out his absentee forms when he knows crap is going on.  lol. 😀

It’s been confirmed, however, Mr Blackness the cat is grumpy regardless of having prior sedation or not to his vet appt. #damnwomenandchemo

Speaking of crap, meeting highlights included Imy double pooping and wiping her butt on the carpet in the living room both times. #entitled

Whoops! Forgot to add Imy puked her food/tuna eaten earlier, but don’t worry she made up for it by taking two strips of BEEFCAKE! #nutrical

originally tweeted 3-1-2013  @onlyfatrabbit






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