Super Bowl Wrapup

The main story that I will take away from the Super Bowl will have nothing to do with the game itself.  For me, the main story will be Ray Lewis showing what a low life sack of garbage he truly is in the pregame interview with Shannon Sharpe when he talked about the double murder that he was involved in at the beginning of his career.  Ray Lewis wrapped himself up in his phony ass born again Christianity and used the defense of “God wouldn’t allow me to be a good football player if I had done anything wrong.”  What kind of stupid BS is that?  Are intelligent people supposed to by into the belief that good things never happen to bad people?  Hell its usually people that lie, steal and cheat their way to top that are the most successful in any business.  According to Ray Lewis, God healed him twice as fast as a normal human would have needed, made him a two time Super Bowl champion and a 13 time pro bowler because Ray Lewis is the greatest human being that ever walked the face of the earth.  God wouldn’t allow him any of those successes if he weren’t.  What an egotistical delusional POS.  I cannot wait for the day when Ray Lewis is drooling all over himself and can’t remember a damn thing about his life due to the effects of the CTE he undoubtedly has takes effect.  Here is a great video of Jon Stewart laying the smackdown on Lewis:

Now onto the game.  The Ravens won 34-31 in a game that started out like Baltimore would win 56-10.  The 49ers could not do anything right in the first half.  San Francisco’s offense could move the ball but two turnovers and a few bad passes stalled the drives.  Baltimore was moving the ball with ease as well but they were scoring.  The 49ers secondary was just as awful as Denver’s when it came to letting Ravens WR’s get behind them on deep balls.  What is it that makes safeties forget their number one assignment when playing against Joe Flacco?  Do they not realize his arm strength?  It was a very bad play by the homophobe Culliver that allowed Jacoby Jones to score a TD on a deep pass thanks to blown coverage.  Jones followed that  up with the 108 yard kickoff return to start the second half that made it 28-6 and seemingly ending the game.

What followed was the most bizarre moment in Super Bowl history when half of the Superdome lost power.  The blackout created a 34 minute stoppage in play…right after the prolonged halftime break for Beyonce to reduce men to putty in her hands.  It led to the Ravens offense having an hour elapse between offensive plays.  The 49ers took advantage of the break to fight their way back into the game and even had a chance to tie it in the 4th quarter but they failed on the 2 pt conversion because the offensive line decided not to block the blitzing Ed Reed.

San Francisco still had a chance to win the game however when they drove inside the 10 yard line with two minutes left in the game.  Instead of trying to run Kaepernick and Gore 4 times to win the game, the 49ers tried three straight passes.  Controversy ensued when on 4th and goal, the Ravens DB blatantly held WR Michael Crabtree in the end zone but the referees didn’t call the penalty.  It should have been 1st and goal from the 1 yard line with 1:50 left in the game but instead it was Ravens ball.  There was no guarantee that the 49ers would have gotten the TD especially since they went brain dead on their play calling the three previous plays but the odds would have been in their favor.  San Francisco still found themselves with another chance after they stopped the Ravens on 3rd down.  Baltimore lined up to punt the ball from their own end zone with 11 seconds left.  Every Ravens lineman held on the play.  A couple of linemen even grabbed 49ers in bearhugs because the worst that could happen is a flag is thrown resulting in a safety that they were going to give the 49ers anyway!  So NINE seconds ran off the clock due to the purposeful holding penalties being committed keeping San Francisco from forcing the punter out of bounds in the end zone until only a couple of seconds remained.  The free kick was only returned to midfield and the game was over.

The Ravens deserved to win the game.  They showed up at the beginning of the game and dominated.  They survived the long delay and the 49ers furious comeback.  They made the plays when it mattered the most.  However, the 49ers are going to have a long offseason thinking about what could have been if they had just shown up at all in the first half or if they had ran the ball at the end instead of trying to run pass patterns in a very congested short field or if the Ravens weren’t allowed to run out the clock by holding in the end zone on the punt.  I think the NFL rules committee is going to look into that and maybe make a change to keep teams from being able to do that.  Maybe awarding the safety like they currently do BUT also making the team do the free kick from the 10 yard line instead of the 20 and also putting the time back on the clock like it was a dead ball foul.  Then again, they could just keep the rules the same and give the team with a lead a huge advantage in that situation.





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