Ray Lewis is hijacking the Super Bowl

Ray Lewis showing the effects of the illegal PEDs (deer antler velvet) he used to return from injury this season allowing him to hijack the Super Bowl.

I find Ray Lewis to be a disgusting excuse for a human being.  His comments on media day at the Super Bowl show exactly what kind of person he is.  It is not the devil’s greatest trick to have people ask you important questions about your life Ray.  The truth is that you and your friends were involved in an incident that left people dead.  You turned on your friends and rumor has it that money was spread around for you to come out of the incident unscathed.  That is what happened.  Real life.  Not a trick from the devil.  Not a made up story.  Not a ridiculous waste of time like whether Manti Te’o knew that his girlfriend wasn’t real.  This is a story with true victims…people that really did die.  Not made up fictional people that died.  So the media has every right in the world to ask you those questions.  Ray Lewis’ answers of “no one here is qualified to ask me about that” and “this isn’t the time or place to talk about that” doesn’t cut it.  When is the right time?  Where is the right place?  Now we have the story breaking about Ray Lewis taking banned substances to return from his injury this season.  That is not a shocking story.  He had a severe injury that should have taken a full calendar year to recover.  Instead, he didn’t even miss an entire football season.  Substantial proof including his voice on tape exist of him using the banned substance derived from deer antlers.  He made a miraculously quick recovery from injury and decided to make the Ravens season all about him.  He announces his retirement.  He finds the camera and dances and carries on to grab all the spotlight.  While his play has done nothing in the playoffs to CAUSE the Ravens to win, he is there swallowing up all the spotlight and going “me, me, me.  Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then when the narrative isn’t about what a good football player he is but what a horrible human being he is, he gets mad.  You can’t have it both ways Ray.  Either you want all the publicity and are a glory hound or you aren’t.  You can’t make it all about you and then get upset because it isn’t all flattering.  You KNEW that you had the murder rap in your background.  You KNEW you took banned substances and that someone out there knew it too.  We live in the 24/7 news cycle world now.  Camera phones, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc exist following your every move.  You can’t hide what you do like players did 30 years ago or longer.

The greatest trick the devil every pulled wasn’t making the media ask you questions that made you uncomfortable Ray.  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making anyone believe that you were a decent human being to begin with.

If there is any justice in this world at all, the 49ers will win this Super Bowl and they will win it by Frank Gore running over Ray Lewis at the goal line for the winning touchdown.





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