Poor Black Black we will get you FIXED yet. #oldcatproblems (@ Cat Hospital Of Chicago)

My cat Blacky goes by TONS of names.. Black Black, Mr. Black, Blackness, Hey you Kitty Cat.. whatever.. he’s a #superSPY

Did I mention Blacky COMES when he’s called by name?  You’d think he was a DOG.  :). Then again my other cat Imy will FETCH. #ellusivecatdog

My other cat Imy’s (pronounced I-ME.. myself and I #shesselfish) positions in the council of cats are ALL-ENCOMPASSING

She holds the positions of PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY OF STATE, AND SECRETARY OF JUSTICE all at once. #shesGOODlikethat

So yes.. if you were wondering Black Black get OUTVOTED all the time. #imysWAYortheHIGHWAY

But TODAY is Blacky’s Day, cause he NEEDS it. #wewillgetyoufixed #beingoldsucks

Cats held an ELECTION this morning and begrudgingly decided to keep me as SECRETARY OF TREASURY.  #NEEDMOREREGULATION #noducks

originally tweeted 1-09-2013  @onlyfatrabbit






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