When you came in the air went out… And every shadow filled up with doubt.. don’t know who you think you are… Before the night is through…I wanna do bad things with you. #trueblood

#np Dream Theater night – starting with Train of Thought. We’ll see where it goes from there. 🙂

Sometimes you feel like a jellyfish. Sometimes you don’t. Tonight I’m a BIG HUGE FREAKIN’ jellyfish.

Forget order. Forget what you know. Forget how “”society”” deems it to be. Make your own darn road. #flyingcats

I feel like I’ve been “”mentally debating”” with something all day but nobody is here. Lol. #iwin #newyearsdayrebellion

#np – You not Me. That’s alright I’m okay. It happens every single da. It’s all the same. But I’m not blind. It’s all about you not me. It’s all about the things that you’re expecting me to be. There’s not enough time to live. And all that you’re expecting me to give.. It’s all about you not me. It’s all about you not me. #newmillenium

Hey radiator… I can do this all night. #iwin

Unless you’ve lived it, you will never understand the inner conflict that is idealist utopian dreams vs reality.

Standing in the pouring rain. No umbrella. Searching for something that isn’t there. #dreamer #dontworryaboutmeitsjustwater #pruneyhands

In the end it’s always me sitting on the concrete in the middle of state street, exhausted, and talking to myself. #mindneverstops #raining

I don’t need a “”white knight”“. I need a system that works. #fourmonthstilhomelessness

Is that too much to ask? Why can’t it work? Why are so many people so angry? Oh utopian dreams are “”entitlements”“.  #gotcha

It’s illegal to kill yourself, but damn it we won’t give you the care you need to live. #lazyasses

Raining deep inside my soul. #eternallytormented

I slept through the holidays. Pesky chronic diseases. I’m putting up my Christmas tree tonight. For the pretty lights #nothingelsemakessense

I’ve aleady gotz one. #holygrail #lolcatzforever”

Pull me under… Pull me under.. I’m not afraid. #sunmoon #lightdark #spookyashell

Hey radiator… We should debate more often. #fun #alwayshere #barrelofmonkeys

Taking it to the end! #seinfeld #runningonfumes”

You can’t break what’s been broken a thousand times before. I sold my soul a million times already just to simply exist.  #martyrbybirth

originally tweeted 1-02-2013  @onlyfatrabbit






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