Camping in my apt

The chupacabra stole my internet for awhile, but a forced unplug can be a wonderful thing. #campinginmyapt #sweetrelease

Think the landlord would mind if I built a campfire in the living room and made smores? #campinginmyapt

Wonder if any grizzly bears or creepy crawly things that go “”bump in the night”” live in the city? #campinginmyapt

Later, me, the local zombies, the ghosts across the steet, and the chupacabra are taxiing to the lake to “”squatch”” hunt. #campinginmyapt

Think the “”squatch”” by the lake knows Nessy? All water is connected ya know. They should both come over for campfire stories #campinginmyapt

I apologize to all Big Foot Americans. “”Squatch”” is a deragatory term, and won’t be used again. #insensitive #campinginmyapt

Out in the woods (living room), everything seems like a conspiracy theory. Oh what’s that noise?? Whew, just a cat eating. #campinginmyapt

Suddenly, a harmonica or a banjo playing folksy rock tunes seems appropriately in context here. #serene #campinginmyapt

Peace, love, harmony found here.  #campinginmyapt






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