Random Slug to Snail Poem -ish

Pouting on a moonlit bay, sat a slug grumpily wasting his time away.

He’d slig and slag, hop and clop, but nothing could make his world pop.

He’d try and try with all his might but happiness it seemed was sealed up tight.

Then one day down that same bay, came a snail who said “”Hey baby… going my way?

Mr Slug was fascinated by the snail, as her shell glistened like a piece of unopened, real, non-spam sincere email.

Filled with such sparkle, pizzazz and glee was she. It made Mr Slug scream “”Yippee! Zip-pee!! Hee-Hee!!!

At that moment he surmised that he would take her as his prize.

So he followed her night and day, slowly mind you, as snails move their own special way.

So on this trek the two of them went, uptown, downtown, through the zoo, and more. She showed him things he only thought of as lore.

But what made her tick, he had to know.. He had to have that sparkle, that zip, that pizzazz that made him glow.

Then one day they came back to the bay, where the moon had been full when she showed him her lei.

She nodded to an empty shell that he had left, the one that he had thought was too cumbersome, too large, too heft.

Get in, you silly slug. What you seek is comfort, a room and a rug.

The world outside is too dark and dismal it seems, even if you only surround yourself with things that gleam.

You need to exist with like a house and a car before you can go to exotic places that are really far.

Before any happiness can occur, one must be safe and sound and secure.

So on that day, Mr Slug got in that shell and he found that happiness that took him out of hell.

Now there are two snails that sit by the moonlight bay but no anger ever comes their way.

For they have found peace, love, and harmony that is only found in sparkling shells down by the sea.






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