Packers Got Hosed

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I despise the Green Bay Packers.  That being said, I cannot believe how badly they got screwed at the end of the game tonight against the Seahawks.  These refs have got to go.  Seriously.  How can they miss Golden Tate using both of his hands to SHOVE the Packer defender in the back and to the ground?  How can they miss the Packer defender jumping much higher than Tate and catching the ball and falling on top of Tate with the ball while Tate has maybe one hand on it?  These replacement refs are killing the games for me.  Why should I put any vested interest into a game that is going to be potentially impacted by incompetent officiating because a league that makes BILLIONS of dollars doesn’t want to pay more money to guys that wouldn’t even get a tax break from Mitt Romney!!!!!!!

Look at how horrible this call is:

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Now for some stills:










Notice #37, Shields, laying on the ground.  He is the man SHOVED to the ground by Golden Tate.  Notice how all you see are white Packers jerseys in the air going for the ball, at least 4, and then 2 Seahawks guys basically standing on ground.  Notice how the ball is in Packers hands.

Here is a look at how pathetic the refs are:


Two refs standing right next to each other.  One calls TD.  One calls incomplete.  BOTH are wrong.  Unbelievable.  There are only 3 options on a pass play.  It is is either complete, incomplete or an interception.  Those are the three options.  So between two refs, they have a 67% chance of 1 of them being right if each one makes a different call.  They fell into the 33% category.

Thank God I’m a Bears fan.  I would have broken my TV if I were a Packers fan.  Of course, they shouldn’t have played so poorly that they were within a hail mary of getting beaten.  It will be interesting to see if anything bad happens to these referees since they cost a lot of gamblers money with this call.  Someone with a lot of money on the Packers could come looking for payback.  Roger Goodell should be thankful that Gary Bettman is killing the NHL again with yet another lockout or else he’d be the worst commissioner of a professional sport at the present moment.  If this fight with the REAL referees continues much longer, it could end up costing the NFL a lot of viewers.  Unlikely, but it could happen.

This is the opportunity that the NBA and MLB has been waiting on to try to regain popularity and viewership.  The time to act is now Mr. Goodell.  Don’t do irreparable damage to the league over chump change for a billion dollar corporation.  Pay the refs.



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