Will Miguel Cabrera Win The Triple Crown? MVP?

There has not been a Triple Crown winner in MLB since The Yaz pulled off the feat in 1967 for the Boston Red Sox with 44 home runs, 121 RBI and a .326 batting average.


The NL hasn’t had a Triple Crown winner since Joe Medwick in 1937 with a .374 average along with 31 home runs and 154 RBI.


The only two time winners of the Triple Crown are Rogers Hornsby (1922 & 1925)


and Ted Williams (1942 and 1947.)


In other words, it is an amazing feat to achieve.  While Miguel Cabrera will not win many straight edge performance awards with his history of DUIs, there is no denying his ability to beat the hell out of a baseball with a bat.  He is having a season for the ages for the Detroit Tigers BUT his team is currently on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoff picture.  In addition to potentially missing out on the playoffs, Miguel Cabrera might miss out on winning the AL MVP as well.

Mike Trout is having a year that just might be better than MIguel Cabrera’s.  How can a player be having a better year than a guy in the same league that is on pace to win the Triple Crown?  Simple.  Mike Trout started the season in the minor leagues.  He missed the first month of the MLB season before being called up by the Angels.  Since his arrival, he has put up ridiculous numbers.  121 runs scored in 129 games.  28 home runs.  78 RBI as a leadoff man.  46 stolen bases.  A .325 batting average.  In addition to being able to hit like Frank Thomas, he runs like a gazelle and fields like he is Ken Griffey Junior combined with Willie Mays.  Combining the average, power, speed and defense gives Mike Trout a WAR of over 10 which is just unheard of for a guy that didn’t even play a whole season.  Trout would routinely end up in the highlight reels for hitting a home run and also taking one away with his gold glove caliber defense IN THE SAME GAME.

What do my readers think?  Will Miguel Cabrera win the Triple Crown?  Will he win the MVP?

I think he will fail to win the Triple Crown.  The pressure will become unreal in the last few games if he is still in the lead in all three categories or even close to the lead.  The players in the past didn’t have to deal with the constant 24/7 media presence.  As for the MVP, I’d vote for Mike Trout because he is infinitely better than Cabrera in the field and on the basepaths.  Even Miguel Cabrera doesn’t know what to think about these questions:

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