Seahawks Golden Tate levels Cowboys Sean Lee

This might be the sickest #NFL photo of the season. #Seahawks Golden Tate levels #Cowboys Sean Lee

This is why there are so many head injuries, concussions and neck injuries in the NFL.  The Seahawks’ Golden Tate lays out the Cowboys’ Sean Lee with a totally illegal hit that wasn’t flagged by the horrible replacement refs.  The two hand touch with kid gloves on QB Russell Wilson as he stepped out of bounds at the end of the play received a 15 yard late hit penalty called on Dallas.  The NFL claims to have player safety as a top priority but yet they put incompetent referees out on the field that miss blatant plays like this but yet throw a flag for breathing on the QB.  In case the NFL wasn’t watching, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson weren’t QBs that had head traumas that killed themselves.  Players other than the QB need to be protected too.





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