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Work has kept me fairly busy of late so I have been forced to neglect my blog.  While lots of things have happened in the world of sports since I last posted, it would be silly to write an entire blog about something from a couple of weeks ago.  Instead, we will introduce a new piece to the blog entitled Random Fire.  It will be blogs in which I spew my venom on several topics at once…things that don’t deserve an entire post or things that are slightly outdated.  Welcome to the first installment of Random Fire.


The first victim of Random Fire is a well deserving victim.  Of course, I’m talking about that worthless, heartless, evil, scum sucking piece of shit Jerry Sandusky.  The jury in Pennsylvania came through for the rest of America and did the right thing.  They put their feelings for Penn State University and the desire to protect the image of the school that has been tarnished by a monster and the subsequent cover-up by those in charge to protect their million dollar deals with Sandusky’s charity.  Spending the rest of his life in prison is not justice for that sick son of a bitch.  He deserves to be tortured for what he did.  I’ve heard people say that he deserves to be raped in prison every day for the rest of his life.  HE WOULD ENJOY THAT!  He needs to be put into general population in prison and let them punch, kick, slap, chop, elbow, bite and then stab him in the stomach every single day.  I’ve heard it said by doctors that one of the worst and most painful ways to die is to be shot in the stomach and slowly bleed to death.  I say stab him in the stomach every day after giving him a beat down.  Have medics immediately on hand to stitch him up and save his life…to prolong the agony.  Make that bastard fear falling asleep.  Make that piece of garbage pray every single day to die. Take a hammer to each one of his fingers.  Take a bat to his kneecaps.  Yank his hair out by the handful.  Make him PAY for what he did to those children.  Most of all, send a message to everyone else out there that are child predators and let them know what awaits them when they are caught.  I’m not saying that it would end child molestation but I guarantee that it would save at least some children.  The fact that taxpayers have to pay taxes to keep this sack of shit alive and breathing is a crime.  He doesn’t deserve to be alive and I can’t wait until someone gets a hold of him in prison and teaches him a lesson.  True justice will finally come once the feds punish those in power at PSU for covering up the crimes committed by this monster in order to protect the school’s image and all their big money deals with Sandusky’s charity.  They are the ones that should be raped everyday for a decade to know what they put those kids through in order to protect the name of the school and their dealings.  That’s some image that the school has now.  So good job administrators.  Rot in hell.


My second area of attack for today goes towards the reporters covering the NBA Finals.  The amount of reporters writing stories with the basic storyline of “you HAVE to be happy for Lebron James” can kiss my big fat milky white cottage cheese ass.  I don’t HAVE to be happy for anybody.  I definitely don’t have to happy for some prima donna arrogant ass that is a hundred millionaire.  Especially one that brought the hatred, ridicule and wrath on himself by his actions.  Lebron James was the one that made pregnant wives and girlfriends of his Cavaliers’ teammates park blocks away in the winter in Cleveland to go to the games so that his posse could have all the prime parking spots.  He is the one that makes his team keep a bus at the team hotel solely for him to come and go to shootaround on HIS schedule instead of the TEAM’S schedule.  He’s the one that has gotten local reporters fired for asking him hard questions.  He’s the one that decided it would be a good idea to televise “The Decision” live and tear out the hearts of every single fan in Cleveland in the process.  He is the one that threw a championship celebration immediately after signing with the Heat in which they declared that they would win 7 or 8 championships…before he had even won 1.  He is the one that flops and cries on every single possession while pressuring the refs to make every call in his favor.  He did those things.  I didn’t.  You didn’t.  The media didn’t.  He did.  Even after finally winning his first title the other night, he was an arrogant jackass in the post game interviews bragging about being a champion, the greatest, etc.  There is no denying that Lebron James is a great basketball player.  There is also no denying that he is an asshole.  Therefore, I DO NOT HAVE TO HAPPY when an asshole is successful.  I should actually be UPSET that behaving that way is rewarded by becoming a champion.  It is a bad example for the rest of us.  “Act like an ass.  Be a cocky self centered blowhard.  Succeed.”


My last rant of the day is going to be about baseball players that don’t run to first base…or even jog.  When you hit the ball, you run to first base.  It’s simple.  It’s easy.  It’s the least you can do.  Hell, I’d even settle for moving towards first base.  Almost all the players are guilty of this anymore.  They will hit a line drive, a ground ball, a pop fly or even a home run and they will just stand at home plate watching.  What if the ball is dropped?  What if the groundball gets through?  What if it isn’t a home run?  You’ve just cost your team an out or less bases.  Jog/run to first and make the other team make the play.  Baseball is not that taxing physically that you don’t have enough energy to run to first when you hit the ball.  Tony Campana always hustles down the line.  He’s beat out a couple of throws, caused some bad throws and gotten on base where the majority of the players would be two steps out of the batter’s box.  What’s almost even more frustrating when a player doesn’t hustle is when the manager and teammates stick up for that player doing it.  Just because most players don’t hustle doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.  It’s perfectly within the fans rights to boo a lack of hustle or to boo not doing things the right way.  That is the only thing that the player has direct control over is whether or not he hustles.  You can’t control making an out or getting a hit.  You can’t control winning or losing but you can control whether or not you are hustling on every place.  Therefore, I have zero respect for players that don’t hustle.


This concludes the first installment of Random Fire.  Now it is time to take a nap to prepare myself for working at midnight tonight.


Good day.



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4 responses to “Random Fire”

  1. Wesnkrista Avatar

    Wow…..can not argue with any of the three thanks for saying what most are thinking.

  2. Wesnkrista Avatar

    Wow…..can not argue with any of the three thanks for saying what most are thinking.

  3. Harry Avatar

    The KJ who does the shows at Neighbors (in northern VA) won’t stand for parntos that boo the singers. People refusing to calm down have been relocated to other rooms (or from the bar if they refuse to cooperate at all.)His rule about this (along with several others) is printed in large type on the back cover of all the song books, so nobody can say he didn’t know. (Other rules include one-song-at-a-time, no dropping hitting or otherwise damaging the mics, and no free-style rapping.)

  4. Chuck Avatar

    I don’t know if it’s explicit on the rule list, but the KJ (who used to be Army spciael-ops) also acts as bouncer. I’ve seen him toss out people who get violent either towards people or the equipment.

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