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I have been out all day and this is my first chance to post on the board since hearing the news this morning. I’ve had all day to put my thoughts into some sort of order but I really can’t.To the fans that have been respectful towards me over the years, it was a pleasure to get to know you and some of you I can count as good friends. I never would have thought that would happened. It made it worth all the blood, sweat, tears, money, pain, heartache, miles etc that the wrestling world taxed on me. To know that there were some out there that appreciated the effort and all that went into getting this company thru 13 years made it worth the fight to keep IWA alive. Thank you for the loyalty, love and memories that will carry with me forever.To the fans that hated me but supported IWA anyway, thank you for the support of IWA. Some of you even offered constructive critiques that I could use to get better as a manager whether you thought I improved from day one or not. Thank you for that.

To all the guys that have worked for IWA in the 12 years I have been involved, thank you. You have my respect for doing what I would have loved to have the ability to do. In my few matches and in the many times of having the best seat in the house by managing ringside, I know the hard work, athletic ability & skill that goes into doing what you do and I wish that I could have had that in order to be able to do it more than the few times I did. Even the few that I had well publicized problems with, I still respected your heart, ability & talent whether or not I liked you as an individual.

To the guys that became close friends, I love you and will greatly miss working with you. Nick Maniwa, Mickie Knuckles, Mean Mitch Page, Bull Pain, The Mayor, Brent Blades, Ben Neal, Necro, Corp, Mark Wolf & Chris Hero…thank you for the friendship and the memories. I will always cherish those days and not a day goes by that I don’t miss those days in Charlestown & JBoys after the shows.

To everyone that I managed at least once…thanks for letting me be involved and I hope that you enjoyed our time working together as much as I did. Ian Rotten, Rollin Hard, JProdigy, Mean Mitch Page, Cash Flo, Adrian Serrano, Rugby Thug Trent Baker, BJ Whitmer, Chris Hero, Ace Steel, Danny Dominion, CM Punk, Matt Stryker, Axl Rotten, Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Stone, Tracy Smothers, Chris Candido, JC Bailey, Eddie Kingston, The Lancasters, Chandler McClure, Bryce Benjamin, Mark Wolf, Danny D aniels, Necro, Pondo, Toby Klein, Brad Bradley, Ryan Boz, Claudio Castagnoli, Ray Gordy, Bull Pain, Mitch Ryder, The Barbarian, Dingo…I got to manage you all at least once and if I forgot anyone, I apologize.

Rollin, Candido, JProdigy…RIP bros. I will see again one day and maybe I can manage you all again in a fantastic 6 man tag comedy match.

To Ian, Patti, John Calvin & James Christopher…thank you for letting me into your family and for letting me live out my dreams. Professional wrestling was one of the only things that I got to share with my father since he was in a wheelchair and we could just watch TV together. Becoming involved kept those memories alive and well for me and a part of my father alive in me even after his death. I don’t like getting too emotional but I think you guys know how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for the opportunity.

And for old time’s sake…Good Day.







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