If you have a Facebook account

If you have a Facebook account, please follow the instructions below and vote for our video.  We are currently in 4th place since we entered late and have a lot of ground to make up in order to win.

1. You have to click on the link for the video. Once you are at the page with the video on it, click “l…ike” It DOES NOT count if you click “like” under this post. You actually have to click on the link for the video and go to there page and “like” it there.

2. While at the NTN buzztime page “like”ing our video, you have to click “become a fan” in order to make sure that your vote counts.

3. Please feel free to click “share” under the video and post this to your profile so your friends can help us as well.

The video with the most “likes” will win the trip to the Bahamas and we are way behind since others had a several day headstart on us in the voting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.






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