I’m still alive and doing fine

I see that it has been 14 weeks since I have written a blog on here.  I guess I should make an update so everyone knows that I am alive and doing fine.

The wedding date has been set for December 4th in Las Vegas.  It appears that I have convinced Grandma Ada & Aunt Faye to go to Vegas to be there for us.  Stacy’s parents & brother with his girlfriend will be joining us.  A couple of Stacy’s friends are supposed to go.  Perhaps a few of mine as well.  I haven’t gotten any confirmations yet but it should be a great time.

I think I’m going to try to get Stacy & myself tickets to a taping of Conan O’Brien since LA is close to Vegas and we will be getting out there a day before anyone else.  It would be awesome to get to go to see Conan.  I love that show.

I’m attempting to sell the house because Stacy and I don’t want to live in Morris after we are married.  I have a buyer lined up…just have to make sure they get the loan and then get a lawyer and have a couple of things done that are required by Illinois law and hopefully by mid September it can be done.  We’ll get an apartment in DeKalb or perhaps just stay at Stacy’s apartment that she already has for a spell.

I guess that is it as far as news goes.  Exciting I now.  14 weeks and this is what you get.

Good day.  Until next time which could be awhile.






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