RIP Rollin Hard

There is no amount of time that allows you to prepare yourself for the inevitable when you want to hope against hope for a different outcome.

I can’t even begin to put into words the heartbreak that I am feeling right now over losing a friend and yet another former member of the Fannin Family over the years. I could take a little solace in knowing that in a matter of moments, Chris Candido/JProdigy/Rollin will be winning the 6 Man Tag Championship in Heaven. However, the true solace comes from knowing that my friend got exactly what he wanted: Christmas at home with his family and then an end to all the pain and agony that had filled his life.

Rollin Hard was a fighter right until the end and that is why he will always be a champion and role model in my eyes. He fought this thing for so long and so hard that he became an inspiration to many. Hopefully everyone on this board and other wrestling boards is a little more aware of colon cancer and will be getting checkups to make sure that they don’t have to endure what my friend has. Early detection can be a life saver and that would then make Rollin a life saver.

Rollin will always have a special place in my heart. When I started in wrestling, Mitch Page and myself always talked about how I would manage him while we were doing security and setting up the ring. I started managing Ian at first to break in so he could give me on the job training and help me from anear. Since I was good friends with Ian, it almost felt like I hadn’t “earned” it just yet since he was leading me and showing me the way.

It was when I made my break away from Ian and got to manage on my own that I felt like I had begun to “earn” my spot. The first two people that I managed were Mitch and Rollin. Rollin was my first heavyweight champion after the two Ian won with me as a manager. I will always remember how excited and thrilled Rollin was when he won the IWA title. He took all kinds of pictures at home with the belt and I hope Angie and the kids still have those pictures to remember that great time in Rollin’s life.

I’ll always remember the IWA softball team and how Rollin along with Corporal and Cash were like the only good players and Rollin was the only one to hit a home run over the fence on the team. The games were on Monday nights so the guys would still be sore as hell and beat up from Saturday night but it was such a fun time for all of us even though we lost every time we didn’t play the Dixie Highway Fire Department.

I’ll also always remember the last time I saw Rollin. Mitch and I went to visit him and watch the UK/Florida football game a couple of months ago. It was a perfect visit where we could talk Cubs, Bears, UK sports and just have a normal day.

Rollin was an inspiration and a hero and one of the toughest men that I ever got the honor to meet. He will be sorely missed.

I love you Rollin and I’m so thankful that I got to meet you and to know that you are in a much better place and finally feeling no pain.

RIP and say hi to JProdigy and Candido for me behind the pearly gates.







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