The Winter Blahs

I hate this weather.  I mean I really hate this weather.  The worst part about it is that the worst has yet to come.  It isn’t even officially winter yet.  Still there is snow on the ground.  Ice on the roads.  Coldness creeping into my bones.

Stacy and I should be back in Hawaii.  We never should have left.  Live on the beach.  Come up with some kind of act to do on the street at night like the robots, sketch artists, dancers, etc that we walked by at night.  Recycle cans.  Something to have stayed in Hawaii.

This weekend is RSST and Candido Cup in Joliet.  There are all kinds of good matchups that could come from this weekend.  I’m not overly excited though.  I think it has to do with the weather dragging me doown.  Sinus infections.  My foot hurt so bad for two days this week that I couldn’t even walk on it hardly at all.  A heating pad finally took the pain away.  It might have just been chilled to the bone.  I don’t know.  

Chris let me know that if the Bears win the division and get a home playoff game in the wild card round, that I would be able to go to the game because his aunt is going to be out of town.  So what do the Bears promptly do?  They get throttled by the Vikings to fall out of first place.  I hate Lovie Smith.  I might even hate Lovie Smith more than I hate Jimmy Jacobs and Danny Daniels.  Ok that might be a stretch, but by God, I hate Lovie Smith.  I swear the next time they put the camera on him while the Bears are getting killed and his mouth is agape and there is a blank look on his face, the players should just punch him.  I’ve never seen a more clueless putz as an NFL head coach.  He scripts out the gameplan on Wednesday and that is what he sticks to no matter how badly the game is going.  Afterwards, he says that he needs to see the film to see what went wrong.  Someone needs to tell him at that point, "the defense sucked because everyone knows how to beat your scheme, Ron Turner called yet another fullback dive this time with a backup fullback even though the play hasn’t worked once this year and you made no adjustments whatsoever to try to change things."  It doesn’t matter what game it is that they have just gotten killed in because that is the answer every time it happens.

James Christopher turns 3 on Sunday.  There is going to be a big birthday party in Joliet for him.  I can’t believe how big he is but at least he is in much better health now.  Hopefully I will get some newer pictures of me with him this weekend. 

Christmas is not going to be good this year.  The car is going to cost $525 to fix.  That takes up the budget for Christmas.  I’ve gotten several things already so that won’t be affected but the remaining gifts are going to be small this year.  I feel guilty about that but there isn’t much that can be done about it…unless I hit the Megamillions jackpot tonight.

Well that is all for now.  Lunch is served and then it will be time to start getting ready for everything.

Good day.






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