Rollin’s fundraiser dance; Halloween Dance & Hawaii coming soon

This week starts the run of lots to do…lots to do.

Wednesday morning I will be taking my grandma down to the cabin in eastern Kentucky.  We won’t be opening up the cabin because we would just have to winterize it back up when we left.  We’ll be staying at a hotel instead.  Do some visiting…go up to the holler and see how the old farmhouse is doing.

Friday I will be taking her to her sister’s house and then I will be heading to Louisville for Rollin’s fundraiser Halloween dance.  I will hopefully get to see some of the old gang that I haven’t seen in quite some time.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  It will also allow me the opportunity to see James Christopher.  He is growing up so fast.  I can’t wait for them to move up this way and be closer.  I hear from Mickie that James Christopher is excited and wants me to take him to McDonald’s when he moves up here.  I’m looking forward to it.

Here is the info on the fundraiser dance for Rollin.  Hopefully those reading this in the Louisville area will show up and help support a wonderful human being that needs the help.

I know it has been awaile since I have got to get on here and give an update, Rollin is back in the hospital and the cancer is back. He has already started cemo, they will do 8 rounds and go from there. I wanted to let you know about the Halloween Bash my friends are doing for us to pay hospital bills. It is Friday 10-24-08 from 6-12 @ the VFW Post on 7111 Lower Hunters Trace in Louisville. It is $15 a person or $25 per couple. That includes a chilli super and they will have a keg on tap. They will have door prizes, costume contest (if you want to dress up), Karaoke and Dance music. If anyone has any questions about the dance you can reach . They are two of my good friends and they have done other fundraisers for us. I hope to get to met some of Rollins friends from the IWA family @ this dance. If Rollin is out of the hospital, he will try to come- if it is just for a little bit. I would like to thank everyone for all of your support, I do believe the prayers are working or God would have taken him a long time ago.

Angie (Rollin’s wife)

Saturday morning will be another chance to catch up with those I don’t see at the dance and then back to eastern Kentucky to pick up Grandma from her sisters.  Then it will be home again…home again…jiggity jig jig.

Halloween night will be the Halloween dance with Stacy for the Leukemia charity.  I have already posted pictures of the costumes we have.

Due to the fact that the economy really sucks now, we have decided to change our ticket prices.  All tickets are now free!  That’s right, tickets are free.  All you need to do is ask for them.  You may be thinking…how can this be a fundraiser?  Well, the reality is that the economy is crummy, horrible, just down-right awful.  We want to have as many people come out and have fun.  So take the money you would have spent on tickets and buy drinks or raffles at the party instead. 


Halloween Dance for Life

A Benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


When: Friday, October 31, 2008 from 7 p.m. to midnight

Where: Gaelic Park, 6119 West 147th Street, Oak Forest, IL

We then have Hawaii on November 5th.

I just bought a few Hawaiian shirts so I can be extra touristy while there.  They arrived the other day in the mail.  Here they are:

images gone

Stacy got the dress versions of the blue with white flowers and the red martini glasses…so we can be the Bopsy Twins as tourist geeks in Hawaii.

Expect pictures galore to be posted here in the coming weeks.

Good day.






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