TWIWOJ – Amish Midgets, Gun Show, Deep Fried Snickers and more

This was quite possibly one of the busiest weekends in recent memory.  I went up to Stacy’s on Thursday night so we could head out to Cohlchester for Labor Day with her grandfather.  Cohlchester is right by Western Illinois University in Macomb which is about the equivalent of driving to Indianapolis.

We made a pit stop in the Quad Cities to meet up with her parents and have dinner with her brother and his girlfriend.  Then we went on to Macomb to stay at the Rodeway Inn.  We didn’t have the hot tub room this time and it was quite a drop off.  Small beds.  The room was an iceberg when we got in there.  No elevator so we had to drag all our bags up to the stairs.  Blah.

We got up on Saturday morning real early when Stacy started punching me because I was snoring.  That is always a pleasant wake up call.  I was miserable from the dinner at the Govenor’s Inn in Moline.  Never again.  We decided to wait on heading towards the huge flea market and try to get a little more sleep.  We left at 9:15 and the continental breakfast was already over.  Another strike for the Rodeway Inn.

Cohlchester was quite a sight on Saturday morning.  They have a huge flea market out in the state park (it’s a forest).  1500 people live in the town and 90% of them on the path to the state park were having yard sales of their own.  I’ve never seen a bigger collection of junk in my life.  Someone even had a lemon shake up funnel cake booth set up in their fricking front yard!!!!!


We end up getting out to the flea market and have to park in a muddy field and walk into a forest.  Tractor engines everywhere.  Port a toliets everywhere.  Bugs everywhere.  Everyone’s junk in a five mile radius everywhere.  So as you can tell from that description, I just loved it.  Stacy decided that since I was being a turd that she didn’t want to stay either (I think it was that she didn’t want to look at junk anymore either 😉 )

So we went on to her grandfathers and met up with her parents.  Lots of sleeping in chairs and nonconversation until we decided to take a drive and then it really picked up.  On our drive, we saw an Amish midget.  Yep that’s right, an Amish midget.  I did an U Turn in order to go back and take a picture of the elusive figure just to prove that we did indeed see him.  They even said hello when Stacy was hanging out the window as I stopped so she could take the picture.

image gone

Stacy’s dad tried to call me “obnoxious” for going back to have that photo taken but he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t get the word out of his mouth!

So we returned to the house and Stacy and I took a walk to go get her parents a Deep Fried Snickers.  Yep they have Deep Fried Snickers, Deep Fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Milky Ways and they all look the same…like this:


We were unable to find the Amish midget a second time so I couldn’t ask him if he wanted to wrestle or perhaps roll out of Cassandro’s dress at TPI.  I’m disappointed.


We continued walking and I saw a sign that I just had to get a picture by…yep I stooped to that level.


So Sunday was the For The Love of Rollin show.  I got to hang out with everybody and had a great time.

Stacy showed up towards the end and we went to the Sybaris.  We had the Chalet room:  10 ft. water slide, waterfall, pool, hot tub, steam room, free porn.  Go to if you want to see pictures of what the room looks like.

Oh and I officially gave Stacy her ring while we were at the Sybaris.

That ends my weekend.

Morris lost.
Cubs lost 3 in a row.
But UK destroyed Louisville so that was nice.

Until next time.

Good day.






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