TWIWOJ – The Lord of the Ring edition

This was an action packed week in my life.  Very action packed.

I guess I should start this blog with the fact that my grandma’s sister passed away from a stroke on Friday.  She would have been 73 if she made it another week.  My grandma’s sister from Kentucky came up and stayed at the house for the wake and funeral.

We Are Family 2 was on Sunday in Joliet and I was able to make it over for the show.  It was great seeing everyone and mostly hanging out with Nick Maniwa at the music table.  I did some commentary on the show with Mike Z.  I was switching off with Joey Eastman.  There was no dinner after the show with Ian and Mickie but I did get to hang with them some so that was cool too.  Airport run on Monday morning.

Monday was the wake.  Stacy came down from DeKalb to go with me to the wake.  We left and then headed up to Naperville so I could get Geovany Soto to autograph my Cub poster.

image gone

The place in Naperville had obviously never ran an autograph event before because they were clueless putzes as to how to operate the line so we had to wait forever while people with lower numbers went to eat and came back and got to go right in while we continued to wait for our number to be allowed into the store.
We got the autograph and then left to go to Cheddars.  Out of business just like Bennigans and some of the Baker’s Squares.  Sad that all these great places are going under.

Tuesday was the funeral and I was a pall bearer.  Tuesday night I went up to DeKalb to be with Stacy.

Wednesday we went to Chicago so she could get her blood work done.  First I went and got us some Ryan Theriot jerseys so we could be twins and Theriot has become my favorite Cub on this team.  He still hasn’t caught up with Jody Davis for all time favorite Cub but he is working on it.  We then went to Wrigley for our first Cubs game of the season.  I’m dying to get to experience the Go Cubs Go victory celebration after games.  Wednesday would not give me my chance.  We show up early and go to a ticket broker across the street and get some good tickets down the first base line near the right field corner.  We are there before they open the gates so I get my first look at the Ernie Banks statue.


We got inside and went to our seats and I thought they were pretty good.  Stacy wanted to take a picture of ourselves and totally caught me off guard as I was telling her to take a photo with the scoreboard in the background.


We then took the picture that I wanted.


The Cubs lost 2-1 which figures cause the Cubs always lose the one game a year I get to.  I want to be there for a win but they don’t win when I show up for the game.  Gah.  Stacy loves this part of the story.  2 drunks sat next to us at the game and towards the end as I’m sitting in my Theriot jersey and Cubs hat, the one drunk guy says to me “I bet your a Cub fan…I could tell because of your watch” which was a Cubs watch.  The funny part about that story is it was the third time that day that someone made a comment along the lines of “bet you are a Cubs fan.”  She thinks it is hilarious that people actually talk to me now.  Before I started dating Stacy, I had an air of unapproachability to me and no one felt comfortable just trying to start a conversation with me.  Now when I’m with her, strangers are always approaching me like I’m there long lost cousin.  I don’t like it.

We decide to go to Ed Debeveck’s after the game and get there at 10:06 pm and it is closed.  WTF…a famous Chicago restaurant and it closes at 10 pm????  Are you serious.  So we got back on the highway and headed towards DeKalb.  We ended up eating at another Denny’s this time in Aurora.  Oberweis Ice Cream in Aurora open at 11 pm.  Ed Debevecks in Chicago…closed at 10 pm.  Ridiculous.

Thursday we went to St. Charles so Stacy could get her allergy shot.  We then went somewhere else but more on that later.  It was then on to the Quad Cities to visit her brother and his girlfriend.  We ate dinner at TGIFridays and I had an awesome steak dinner.  We stayed until 1 am and then did the 2 hour drive back to DeKalb.

Friday we went back to St. Charles so we could pick up Stacy’s engagement ring that was finished being resized and the diamond set.  We then went back to DeKalb and did Stacy’s grocery shopping that was desperately needed.  We rented 21 from Red Box…awesome movie.

Saturday was time to go home and start telling the family the pending news.  Grandma handled it much better than expected.

Sunday was a party at my house.  Both my grandmas and a couple aunts.  Stacy’s parents and her brother and his girlfriend.  It was a very nice time and everyone thought the ring looked beautiful.  I can’t get a decent picture of it though because it always comes out blurry.  Here is the best I have come up with so far.



Since it was a diamond that they had to ship in from elsewhere, we had to get it now or else it was going to have to be shipped back to the other store for someone else to buy.  So the timing is not matching up with my original schedule so she hasn’t been given the ring just yet.

I have proven to be somewhat adaptable because I have come up with a couple of other ideas to replace the original idea.  I now just have to choose between the three and give it to her.

I guess that ends the story of my week.

Quite hectic but one I’ll remember for a really long time.

Good day.






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