So this definitely makes things better

It doesn’t make all my problems of the last week go away but it definitely makes things better.

We have been waiting to get word on when we’d be going to Hawaii with the time share crap and fearing that it would coincide with TPI.

Well we found out today that there won’t be any conflict with TPI and that we will be in Hawaii for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 5th – November 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will get to add 4 states to my map of places been because of layovers in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado on the way there plus Denver and Seattle, Washington on the way back.  There will be a 5 hour layover in Seattle in the morning on the way back.  Maybe I can work out a way to see Cash Flo while I’m out there…that would add greatness to the vacation.

We also found out that we will be going on a tour out on the ocean to go into a shark cage and swim with sharks the day before my birthday.

That being said, we might not be making the snorkeling tour on my birthday 😉

We are so excited about this trip that we wished it were already November.

Best news…we don’t have to go to the timeshare presentation because we already did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to get lei’d.

Sorry couldn’t resist.

Expect a huge blog with lots o’ pictures when we get back.

Good day.






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