TWIWOJ – rambling edition

Tomorrow, Rollin Hard has his surgery.  I will be praying hard for Rollin and wishing him and his family the best.  He’s been an inspiration to us all as he has fought cancer with a dignity and a strength that most of us could only hope to have if faced with the same situation.  I hope everyone that reads this blog will keep Rollin’ and his family in their thoughts/prayers/well wishes…whatever it is that you do…not just tomorrow but after it as well because he deserves it.

I had a fantastic weekend with Stacy.  We went back to Jared Galleria but they didn’t have any pictures of the diamonds they found but they are having them brought in so we can go back and look and see if one of them are acceptable.  I also had my ring size measured out and I’m a 12 1/2.  I hope when the time comes that the Flair belt looking ring is available and can be gotten in a size 12 1/2.

The Hawaii trip is starting to drive us bonkers.  We have now learned that we can’t change the date that we are ultimately given and that all the dates we have requested are not available.  It’s looking like the only time we can use the trip is going to coincide with TPI or when Ric Flair is at the Ringside Fest thing out in NY…either way it just sucks ass that I’m going to have to choose one or the other.  I guess that is how they can “give away” the trips to Hawaii because they screw you around and make you jump through hoops until you either can’t make it or say to hell with it.  Bastards.

Stacy and I rented American Gangster the other night from Redbox.  I didn’t like it.  It was definitely no Godfather or Goodfellas or Casino or Road to Perdition or Roaring 20s or Public Enemy or Gotti or The Sopranos…you get the picture.  It was probably about a 6 out of 10.  Out of the movies we’ve seen lately, Hancock, Legally Blonde, Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart even Vantage Point, it was my least favorite movie on the list.

There really isn’t much to write about on the banking front.  It has been slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.  Two banks have folded this week.  New York Times says as many as 150 more could fall in the next year.  TCF stock has fallen from $21 a share a few months ago to $10 a share now…yeah it doesn’t look good.  But I can’t say anything about it or else McCain’s people will call me a “whiner” and tell me that the economic problems are all in my head.  Tell that to me again every month when I look at how my mutual funds and stocks are doing.

I have been putting money back out of my check every week for James Christopher in order to try and build him a nest egg for the future.  The goal was for $1000 a year but I started 2 years into his life and I’ve been trying to catch up but with the way the economy is going…it is making it hard.  I’ve got CDs (not the music kind kiddos), savings account and savings bonds in order to try to have as much interest as possible to help me catch up but interest rates suck right now so it isn’t helping much. An extra $5 a week into the accounts though have helped me catch up a little bit.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up and how much longer I want to risk keeping it up.  Who knows what will happen if 150 banks close down.

Well enough babbling for now because tomorrow starts with a 5 am alarm clock so I can get up and get ready for work.

Remember…keep Rollin in your prayers and good day.






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