SportClips, The Square, Hancock, Engagement Rings & Olive Garden…Busy Day

Today was a tremendous day.  It was just good all the way around.  On to the details.

Like Sunday, we were thinking of going to Chicago and decided not too.  I think it went much better sticking around DeKalb just like we did on Sunday.

The day started with lunch at Baker’s Square.  It is very hard to have a bad day when you start it off with awesome Key Lime Pie and mini cheeseburgers.  Very hard indeed (twss).

We left the Square and headed towards St. Charles.  First stop…SportClips so I could get a desperately needed haircut.  If it wasn’t so far away, I would never go anywhere else for a haircut.  ESPN on HDTV in the lobby.  Girls dressed up like refs as the hair stylists.  Mini tv’s at every chair showing ESPN.  The girls don’t ask many questions other than how do you want the hair cut.  Sports memorbilia all over the place.  The girl did a great job on the haircut…probably the best one that I have gotten in a long time.  Took her time and kept asking how else it needed to be altered.  Afterwards, you can purchase the MVP package for an extra $5 where they give you a shampoo scalp massage while a hot towel is wrapped around your face and then a 5 minute shoulder and neck massage.  Top flight treatment and the way that every man needs to get his hair cut.  will find the one closest to you.  I remember from looking this morning after hearing the commercial on 670 The Score that they have them in St. Charles, Batavia, Crystal Lake and several other places in northern Illinois so check it out and see if there is one near you.  There are some in other states as well so give it a look and get the royal treatment during your haircut.

We left that and then headed to a few jewelry stores in St. Charles to look at rings.  This time we actually looked at some rings and tried some on unlike the other time we went.  We didn’t like Zales any better than Kay’s…too cookie cutter and unoriginal for what we are looking for.  We then went to JB Robinson’s and they didn’t really have anything that caught Stacy’s eye but there was a very nice ring for me.  Very Godfatheresque.  I liked it quite a bit but I could only get it to fit on my pinkie because I have fat fingers.  That might have added to the Godfather feel of it but either way, I totally pulled it off.

We then went over to Jared…the Galleria of Jewelry.  Talk about a totally different feel.  They offered us drinks when we came in.  They had soooooo much more to choose from than the other places.  I found a ring that looked so much like a mini version of the Ric Flair title belt.  I marked out huge for that.  Tried it on my pinkie and I definitely found a winner.  I’m not a big fan of the yellow gold but it was a mini version of Flair’s belt…kinda sorta.  And it was half the cost of the other ring I really liked.  I definitely found the winner.  Stacy found the design for the band that she really loved after trying several different ones.  She is a marquis diamond cut lady though and that isn’t a very popular cut so they didn’t have any really good ones of those.  So…they took our information and said they would call us and let us know when they locate the right carat, color and whatever else for the perfect marquis diamond to go into the ring.   So we may have picked out the rings we prefer…now it is just a matter of eventually getting said ring and then me picking the proper time and place to seal the deal.

Of course, we are talking about a guy whom Stacy has nicknamed Slowsky Turtle in honor of the Comcast turtles.  We are talking about a guy that had Ian and Mickie hanging out of his car windows yelling “kiss her already” in the parking lot at Midlothian back on September 1st, 2006.  So we’ll see what happens with the when and the where and go from there.  Of course, even if all that does occur, can’t really get married any time soon unless universal healthcare gets implimented first.  So we’ll have to figure that part of the problem out one of these days as well.

Anywho, after leaving Jared’s, it was time to go watch Hancock.  We give the movie two thumbs up.  It wasn’t the greatest.  I think I liked Kung Fu Panda better.  I did like Hancock much better than I liked Indiana Jones though.  I haven’t seen Iron Man or Hulk so I can’t compare it to the other superhero movies so far this summer.  Will Smith was good.  Jason Batemen was good.  Charlize Theron was well Charlize Theron.  What can I say, I love a rude, crude, Superhero asshole.  Just don’t call Hancock an asshole.  You won’t like the results.

The day finished off by having dinner at Olive Garden.  Not my favorite restaurant of all time but definitely a good meal to cap off quite a great day.

Time for bed so I can get back into the swing of work tomorrow.

Until next time…Good day.






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