KOTDM – Louisville 08

I could spend a lot of time writing out a full report of the weekend in Louisville for KOTDM but since no one reads it or comments on it, it will be a quick rundown.

Thursday was driving to DeKalb so I could see Stacy and if Stacy felt up to it…she could come with me to Louisville.  Stacy wasn’t up for it so I left and drove back to Morris and picked up my mail…went to the bank and then I was off.

I can’t believe how big James Christopher has gotten.  Seriously.


The kid was non stop.  He wore me the hell out.  I chased him from one side of the bowling alley to the other a thousand times.  He was a minibulldozer to hold on to.  I missed that boy something fierce and had a blast playing with him.  I can’t wait for the days when I get to play some baseball or just a simple game of catch with him.  He’s getting there but it still isn’t there just yet.  He definitely knows how to make my heart melt just by laying his head on my shoulder and giving me a huge hug while I was holding him.  Damn needing to work to afford to pay bills and live life.  That just keeps you from the fun things in life.

I didn’t really watch much of anything on night one.  It was mostly just spent playing with James Christopher.  However, I did rub it in on Sox that the Cubs won and I did get to hang out a little bit with The Mayor and I chatted with some of the other fans.  Fun times.  Fun times.  I met Maniwa’s girlfriend and he is definitely out of his league ;-p

I rode to Steak n Shake with someone who claimed to be John Calvin.  I don’t believe it for a second.  Not one second.  This kid that was passing himself off as John Calvin was discussing politics, gas prices and world events with me on the way to Steak N Shake.  No cussing.  No trying to punch me in the balls.  Yep it definitely was not John Calvin.

The Steak N Shake was pretty busy and Mad Man Pondo provided good entertainment when he depants some guy that was in his group right in the middle of Steak N Shake.  What goes best with a burger and shake?  Why some schmoe you don’t know running dick ass naked out of the restaurant in embarrassment!

I got lost Saturday morning in the blackest part of Louisville while trying to get the barbed wire.  That was not fun.  Thank God for Garmin getting me back on track.  It then was over to the building for the Queen of the Death.  Mickie was delivering asswhippings like it was buy three get two free.  Julie put on an impressive performance and definitely showed me a lot.

As for the stuff that happened with the Levy kid…for all the stupid asses out there in an uproar talking like the kid was beat to within an inch of life and how over the line the beating was…THE KID WALKED AWAY, HAD NO BROKEN BONES, DIDN’T LOOK ANY WORSE THAN ANYONE ELSE AND NOT AS BAD AS MOST THAT COMPETED IN THE TOURNAMENTS AND HE STAYED THE REST OF THE DAY.  You claim to be smart marks but then you post like idiots and dipshits ABOUT THINGS YOU WEREN’T EVEN PRESENT TO SEE.  Ok.  Off my soap box because it isn’t like it is possible to educate the dumbass “experts” out there that know how to do everything better etc just because they own a computer and post on a message board.  I’ve watched doctor shows for years now…doesn’t mean that I’m an expert on performing surgery.  If the people beating on him where trying to hurt him or crossing the line, he wouldn’t have walked away let alone not have any broken bones.  Smart people would realize that.  People that aren’t as smart as they think they are don’t.

Anyway, a little bit of Saturday was spent hanging by the sound table and making crude comments with Maniwa, his lady, Meg, Shaina and several fans that congregated in that area.  It was capped off by Ian busting my balls by saying “hey Jim…Shaina got rid of you and lost 200 lbs.”  Some things deserve to be no sold and that was one.  Mainly it was spent watching my new favorite male wrestler deliver curb stomp after curb stomp.


I love Tank.  In a totally heterosexual man love kind of way!  The curb stomp is my favorite thing to see occur in a wrestling ring and when you add in light tubes, chairs, barbed wire and tables into the curbstomp…it is just awesome to the 10th degree.

I got to hang out with Rollin and Mitch for a spell as well on Saturday.  The stuff with Rollin’ getting beat out of IWA had me crying like a baby…along with everyone else in attendance.  I couldn’t take it and Rollin’ will definitely be in my prayers everyday leading up to July 2nd in hope that he finds out some good news.  You should totally check out his myspace (he’s on my top friends if you don’t have him as a friend) and order a Live Hard shirt to help support his family in his time of need.  Get a hat as well as hopefully those are done now.  You’ll feel better about yourself knowning that you did a good deed.  Another soap box I’m done with.  Guess this isn’t going to be so short after all.

Anywho, after the show on Saturday night, I got to hang out and check up a lot more with The Mayor.

Sunday was a day of hell.  10 hours cleaning the building…it felt like it was never going to end.  No one ever thinks about the stuff that goes into before and after a show.   They just think about the show itself.  Pain.  In.  The.  Ass.  Mickie, beaten and battered and having to go to TNA the next day working her ass off cleaning and loading and unloading the trailer.  Nick Maniwa and Jess helping out or else Ian would probably still be over at the building trying to get it clean.   It provided me an opportunity to get to know Jess a little bit more and definitely realize that Maniwa is out of his league ;-p.

Monday I left when Mickie needed to get to the airport.  Dropped her off and headed home.  10 miles outside of Louisville, I get caught in a speed trap for going 70 miles an hour…one mile before the 70 mile an hour speed limit begins.  $135 ticket unless I want to spent gas money to go down, contest the ticket, get a court date and then go back again for court and hope that they overturn the ticket.  Fuckers.  They didn’t even ask for registration or proof of insurance.  Just made me pull over and took the license and handed me a ticket.

I then hear that George Carlin died.  I loved his comedy…mostly.  Some great stuff.

So we now know that George Carlin would like Nick Maniwa in a fight over Brent Blades, Todd Morton and anyone named Tucker or Kyle!

Stacy sent me the words of his diatribe about the word “tits” and how nice sounding it was and how it sounded like a snack.  I asked Stacy if I could call her Tits McGee and she responded with “only if I can call you Weenie McGee.  I’ll have to think about that one but I’m leaning towards calling her Tits McGee.

Feel free to post your thoughts on whether calling her Tits McGee is worth being called Weenie McGee.

I work 40 hours this week so who know what could end up happening.  It might lead to another blog entry.

Good day.






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