TWIWOJ before the Dells trip

So I will start this off with a funny story about work. Thursday an 80 year old woman comes in to the bank with curlers in her hair and a plastic wrap on top of the curlers in her hair. She is talking with the girls and then looks over to me and says “why aren’t you talkative today?” I responded by saying that it was too damn hot outside so I had no energy. Sidebar note: it has been like an oven in the bank all week and I’ve been dying from heat stroke every day having to be in my suit. Anyway, the old lady responds by saying that I should just wear bikini bottoms instead of a suit to stay cool. I respond by saying that that would drive customers away and lead to me getting fired. The old lady then says “I wouldn’t let that happen to you because I would be the first one to grab ahold of you!” She then asks the girl tellers if they wanted to see me in bikini shorts.

Needless to say I had an ill reaction to this comment and had to excuse myself to go to the restroom:


So that became the running gag the rest of the day for the girls and all day on Friday. Hopefully the weekend off will make that go away.

I am at 3 out of 7 accounts for this month so hopefully I reach my quota this month and rebound from the horrible May I had.

Now for the Saturday of wrestling. The day started by getting some work done on the new wheels…black 2004 Chevy Impala. I had Best Buy put in a new stereo and they rewired the power adapter so that my GPS unit will work on the trip to the Dells.

It was then time to hit up the Baker’s Square because fuck I was in Joliet. Of course I had more of the Key Lime Pie but the Square also has another death of me in the form of mini cheeseburgers called Crushers. Here is the 6 pack of Crushers I ordered to go along with the key lime pie:


I then got Mickie 6 different Congrats balloons for encouragement and cheer to show her how proud I am of all her hard work paying off and being on the TNA ppv. I also got her a card because well I’m a card kind of person and i wrote her a note in the card and gave them to her when I arrived at the building. She gave me a big hug so here is my picture with the soon to be (about 7 hours away) ppv star:


I thought the show went real well. Turnout was better than hoped. The matches went real well. I was very impressed by some of the newer guys in the 8 man tag especially Rahim Ali. That inverted 450 flippidy doo was amazing. I had a good time on commentary with Mike Z. Here is your IwA commentary team:


I don’t think I was as good on commentary this show though since I didn’t know a bunch of the guys but Mike Z was better than he was at the triple shot last month so maybe his improvement was greater than my decline and it could have made for better commentary…I’m not sure.

Either way it was a fun time at the show and I hope everything goes great for Mickie tonight on the ppv. I’ll be thinking about it and wondering while I’m in the Dells.

Speaking of which, we are close to heading out for our trip to the Wisconsin Dells. I’ll have pictures and stories once Stacy and I return on Tuesday.

That’s it for This Week in the World of Jim and until next time…GOOD DAY.






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