So I worked 30 hours this week at the bank. I got my second raise but I still don’t know how much it was for. Hopefully more than the 19 cent raise that I got for the first raise. I will find out when the pay stub comes in the mail next Friday with the pay amounts for this past week. This was the final week working with Thomas. Friday was my last day working with him. He didn’t want to leave at the end of his shift because it was his last day with me, Miss Genor and Jessica Barnes. Jessica put in her two week notice the same day. Looks like the opportunity for lots of hours in the near future. I have 39 hours this coming week and Thomas has hooked me up to potentially get extra hours by going to another branch in my spare time and working. My only opening this week was Wednesday and they didn’t need help on Wednesday so no overtime for me. I’m now the only male left at my branch and there’s 1 pregnant female and two more that want to get pregnant. I’ve told them that I refuse to be the only male working with all moody pregnant women so they aren’t allowed to even think about it. The month ended and I did not hit my sales goal. I came 2 short. It has been bothering me all month and making me feel like a failure but I guess you can’t reach goals all the time. I strive for perfection and hate coming up short though. We are giving out $50 gas cards to qualified checking accounts this month though so hopefully I can rebound. Things looked good the other night at work for me turning the corner and maybe hitting my quota. This female Jewel employee was just absolutely overwhelmed by how dashing I looked in my new suit and she just walked up and asked to open a checking account after I looked at her and smiled. Everyone else had tried on several occasions to get her to open one and she refused. Here is a picture I took afterwards just to show everyone exactly how classy I look in my new suit especially while standing in the Jewel restroom:


I went to Stacy’s immediately following work on Friday since I wouldn’t be able to see her at all next week. Her back is still not fixed and her MRI showed a herniated disc according to the doctor and he wanted to schedule her for back surgery to repair the disc and thus hopefully stop the numbness and pain in her right leg. Not what we wanted to hear but she is doing better and able to do more so hopefully surgery won’t be a necessity.

Stacy finally got Mickie’s appearance on Jerry Springer onto You Tube so those that didn’t get to see it can now see what they missed. It is in 4 parts.

Saturday we went to Baker’s Square and thank God…they finally have Key Lime Pie. I got the 6 mini cheeseburgers and fries with a slice of key lime pie for lunch. We went back and I had another slice of Key Lime Pie after we ate supper at her apartment. Baker’s Square’s Key Lime Pie is going to be the death of me:


Stacy and I then went to look at engagement rings at a Kay Jewelers in DeKalb. As I told her, at some point, I may feel like asking and I should at least have a clue as to what kind of ring she would want. She thinks I just want to be like Jim from The Office and get her to thinking that I may be asking and tease her by dropping down to a knee and then just tying my shoe or something. LOL. I could totally see myself doing that and fully intend to do so…several times. For those that are clueless what I’m referencing…look at this video around the 45 second mark


Well I’m going to bed so I can go to work tomorrow.

Until next time…







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