The title of this blog is dedicated to the great show from the past…This Week in Baseball and how I enjoyed waiting for the weekly segment untitled TWIB notes.

Monday night was the bowling night with TCF.  Half the crew didn’t show up.  That was a downer since it would be the last TCF outing with Thomas as branch manager but what can do you?  Beat the pants off everyone in every game…which is exactly what I did.  I was in much better form than the last bowling outing…not great mind you but not horrendous either.  I bowled about an average of 115-120ish.

Tuesday was not a great day by any stretch of the imagination.  My Aunt Faye’s boyfriend, Al, passed up at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  It was quite a long time coming but that doesn’t really make it any easier on my aunt whom lost her husband to a drunk driving accident 10 years ago and now had a boyfriend die due to a failed liver caused by drinking way too much.  I could go into a diatribe about my hatred for alcohol and the evils that it causes but everyone knows my feelings on the junk and it would be a waste of time to do it.  The wake is tomorrow night and the funeral is Saturday.  I have to work on Saturday so I will go and pay my respects tomorrow night at the wake.  I didn’t spend a lot of time around Al but he loved my aunt and I guess that is all that I could really demand out of him.  He knew that I was the man of the family since my dad, uncle and grandfather have passed and leaves me as the last male Fannin in my branch of the family.  He would always make a point every time I was around him to let me know how much my aunt meant to him and how he would never hurt her…because he knew that I would hurt him in return.  I didn’t approve of the drinking but my aunt was happy so I grew to accept Al and even had some good times at the VFW during karaoke as he would dance with my aunt as I sang “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra every week.  RIP Al.

Also on Tuesday, Stacy put up my Obama poster onto Ebay.  $999 asking price.  I still laugh every time I think of her dad getting outraged and saying “leave it to a Republican to buy an Obama poster just to flip it and make a profit.”  LMAO.  And quite a profit it is!

Wednesday I finally got off the snide at work and got a checking account this month.  I got stopped by a train on the way home from work.  It was just stalled on the tracks and not moving.  Then it slowly moved forward.  Then it slowly moved backward.  Then it stopped again.  I turned around and went the long way home.  After driving 5 miles east and then 10 miles south and then 5 miles west…I got stuck waiting for the SAME FUCKING TRAIN again!!!!  I went up to DeKalb after finally getting home to visit Stacy.

Today was Baker’s Square, haircut, Indiana Jones movie and mexican food for dinner.  It was a great day.  Indiana Jones was a much better movie than I was expecting it to be.  They only used snakes once which was great.  The plot line was outrageous but at least I only had to look at snakes once.  I don’t know about watching it again but Stacy loved it so that is all that really matters since it didn’t kill me.  When we got back from the movie…someone had bought the Obama poster for the $999!  Now I just have to hope that they actually send the payment *knocks on wood*.

Well that pretty much sums up this week so far.  I think this weekend I am going to get a GPS unit for the car for when Stacy and I go places because I have a 12% off coupon for Best Buy for this weekend.

With that, good day.






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