Another installment of The World According to Me

Today was quite a hectic day filled with good and bad.  Let’s start from the top…but first happy birthday wishes go out to John Calvin and Mickie.

I had gone up to DeKalb the other night after I had gotten off work on Wednesday and then took both grandmas and my Aunt Sharon out to eat for belated Mother’s Day.  I stayed on Thursday and Stacy was well enough to go to the vet to get some dietary food for her formerly fat cat that has been sick almost as long as she has.  We then went to the Baker’s Square and boy oh boy how I missed the Square.   I stayed again on Thursday night after watching a hilarious 1 hour finale of The Office and some Ace of Cakes.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake.  Stacy has decided that she wants to go to Baltimore if for no other reason than to get a cake from there.  I want to go back in order to do the inner harbor again and have some more orange tea from the tea stand inside the shopping area.  So perhaps one day it can be fit into my work schedule.

Ah work.  Let’s dive into that.  I got up around 8 am this morning and drove back to Morris.  I hopped into the shower (get that image out of your head…I dare you) and then it was in to Turtles to eat lunch with my grandma, her sister and niece.  I had a great steak hoagie sandwich.  Highly recommend if you are in the Morris area and don’t want to hit up Romine’s.  I then scurried back home to finish getting ready to work and left for work.  I walked into the Jewel and realized that I had forgotten my keys that give me access to my money and the vault and access to pass through all the doors at the bank.  Doh!  So I had to call grandma to drive to Minooka and bring me my keys.  I then walked towards the door and realized that the head honcho was in the office!  Damnit!  Of all the guys to go brain dead…I pick when the top boss is checking in on us.  I scurry back over to the counter and talk with Jessica Barnes and she passes me her keys so I can get in and gather up some brochures and what not and then go wander the aisles of Jewel and hassle customers to come open checking accounts.  I stay out in the aisle until grandma arrives with my keys and crisis is adverted.

Head honcho leaves and asks me why my production has fallen dramatically this month.  I’m usually right at the top in sales and this month at the half way point, I have ZIP.  ZILCH.  NADA.  NOTHING.  Not even a whiff of anything.  Everyone comes up and goes directly to the girls now.  I guess I need more cleavage and less stomach or else it is going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooong summer of failure at the bank.  So after the big wig leaves, the branch manager comes out to tell us that he is being transfered to Aurora and he can’t do anything about it.  He was upset.  I was upset.  I like throwing short Mexican jokes at him and he takes it all with a grain of salt.  He has been great to work for and has always given me the days off that I wanted and worked with me on stuff.  His last act of good deed for me was starting the process of me moving up to the next pay level.  Of course, I need to get off the snide this month and get a run of accounts to cement the deal but it would be my second raise just this month if that works.  At least Lauren would be elevated to branch manager and that would be good.  I like working with her as well so it could still be all good.

We are going to have a branch outing at a bowling alley off Weber Road in Bolingbrook on Monday night that is going to serve as a going away party for Thomas.

Well I guess that gets me up to date on here for events that have transpired.

Good day.






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