Another rant

So today work really aggravated me.  As you know if you’ve been following, the bank is very focused on getting new checking accounts.  It is the goal of the day.  Get accounts.  Get accounts.  Get accounts.

So before I start this story, take into account that I’ve been miserable all week due to either a sinus infection that has been like a vice grip on my head or perhaps even a cold.  It’s been more blowing my nose every five minutes more than coughing so I don’t know.  Anyway, on to the story about work.  So today I work from 7 am to 2 pm.  I work with another teller for that same shift.  Well I should say that I worked while she didn’t do shit.  From 8 am when the bank opened until noon (conveniently right before the branch manager was due to show up) she did 2 fucking transactions.  TWO.  As in 1/2 of a transaction per hour that she was on the clock.  Why?  Well being on the teller line and running transactions would have cut into her smoke breaks, 2 trips to shop for groceries in the Jewel and sitting on her ass in the back kissing the supervisor’s ass that was on duty.

Noon rolls around and she comes out to the teller line and gets an account in ten minutes because I was cashing Jewel employee checks so she took the customer that walked up and ended up wanting to open up an account.

I could have committed double mega ultra mass homicide in honor of Tracy Smothers.

So when the branch manager shows up, he says “is that an account and whose is it?”  She was all “it’s mine.”  The other girl that came in and noticed how she didn’t do shit all day said something to the branch manager along the lines of “yeah in your twenty minutes you’ve been out here all morning.”  She responds with “I’ve been out here” and then with “at least I have an account.”  I swear I almost saw Jimmy Jacobs standing in front of me but I didn’t swing.  I just slammed my drawer shut and balanced out early and went home.

But hey on the bright side, I got a huge raise for hitting my goals and being “an assett to the branch.”  19 cents baby.  Now I can get that brand new Lexus I’ve been looking at so I don’t have to share a car with grandma anymore.  Yay me for hitting it big

So I again won’t be going to KY this weekend.  No seeing James Christopher who is growing by leaps and bounds from what I hear.  I miss that little baby but I’m doing what I can to make up for that by doing a savings account for him.  Money can’t buy everything but it is the best I can do for now.  Maybe one of these days he’ll be able to make a trip to see his carless godfather who works at a bank that decides to be open 7 days a week.

I’ll miss Brent Blades wedding.  I said it once and I’ll say it again…when we were doing midnight bingo every night back in 2001…I don’t either of us thought that day would come for us.  He gets his on Saturday.  Congrats.  Maybe one day if the stars align properly and everything allows for it, I’ll get mine.

I’ll miss another opportunity to hang out with everyone.  But I’m getting used to that.

I tell you having a job and needing to pay bills just totally sucks ass.

I have potentially found a car that is in my price range that might be nice.  It is 11 years old though and has 128,000 miles on it…but it is a bright red BMW so perhaps it still has some life left in it.   I might make a trip to go look at it but I don’t know.  The next government auto auction is on May 31st so I don’t know if I can wait to the end of the month before I get something.  Grandma had to drive me to work today because she needed the car.  Nothing screams successful 31 year old man more than being dropped off at work by your 80 year old grandmother whom lectures you the whole twenty minutes there on how close I was cutting it by only being 10 minutes early showing up to work.  I’m truly living the high life.

Well on an actual high note, I will actually get to see Stacy tomorrow for her papa’s 90th birthday cookout shindig.  She’s feeling slightly better since being given the steroids earlier this week by her doctor to try to heal her faster.  I don’t know how I’ll react to her backne (back acne for those that don’t follow steroids side effects) and shrunken testicles but maybe she can parlay the steroids into a rich baseball contract and make it all worth while.

In closing I can’t believe that Hillary has exhausted all other ideas for her campaign.  Her latest today to USA TODAY in a nutshell…people should vote for her because new polls show that “hard working Americans, white Americans”  and “white people that didn’t graduate” won’t vote for Barack and thus she “has a larger voter base” since you know white people are the majority.  So there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  The truth is out.  Hillary says that white America isn’t ready for a black President but evidently they are ready for a manly looking female President that dodges sniper fire while hugging 6 year old poetry reading girls in Bosnia.  Vote accordingly.

Well I guess that about does it for this installment of the rant.  I could rant about the Cubs but what good would that do for me?  Blah.






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