It’s been awhile

It appears that it has been about a month since I’ve updated this thing.  I don’t think anyone really reads it anymore anyway.  I think Facebook and Myspace have pretty much made Livejournal obsolete anymore.  I check here periodically and see that there really aren’t too many updates on my friends page either.

I’m about to head out to the Quad Cities for a car auction.  Yep, I’ve been without a car for a month and a half now.  I’ve been trying to save up money to go out and get another one but the bills are too high and to just keep them paid, it takes pretty much everything I get every month.  Kids…don’t ever grow up…being an adult and having to have responsibility and paying bills SUCKS.  I’ve been driving my grandma’s tank of a Crown Victoria since the accident.  She wrote me a huge check yesterday to give me a puncher’s chance at getting a car at the auction today.  It is a government auction (no repo’s just the cars you see government officials slowly driving around in) and there a few Chevy Impalas that I am sort of interested in possibly trying to win.  2004s with around 30K miles on them.  I really like Stacy’s parents’ Impala.  Most of the rest of the cars are Chevy Malibus (I hated mine with a passion so those are out of the question) or Dodge Stratuses (The reviews on Consumer Reports weren’t very kind) so I’ll be looking mainly at just the 5 Impalas.  I won’t get a car just to get a car.  I’ll make sure it is something that I like.

Work has been going very well for me.  I’ve been the Employee of the Month for January and February and barring any major setback this weekend while I’m gone, I’ll be Employee of the Month for March.  I met my quota on March 1st at the IWA 500th show and pretty much shut it down for the month…until the girls started running their mouths and talking trash about how one of the girls was gunning for me and was going to catch me.  So I got three more accounts in two days and  widened my lead.  I told them they should have let the sleeping dog lay but they didn’t.  So I had to get competitive again.  I still think there is some kind of a conspiracy going with all the girls pooling there stuff together to the one girl so she can catch me.  An IWA fan came into the Jewel store yesterday and asked if I was with IWA and I said yes.  A little ackward but at least people are recognizing IWA.

I’ve been hooked on Mob Wars over at Facebook.  Play it all day long when I am home and even call Stacy to do some things for me while I’m at work.  Stacy, Brent Blades and Ray are also hooked on the game.  Fun times for dorks and nerds.

I’m going to finish this update by sending out well wishes to a great person and a good friend of mine.  Rollin’ Hard needs all of our support and prayers and well wishes.  His cancer has returned and the doctors have given him 1 – 2 years before he loses his fight against it.

It pains me to even type those words let alone speak them or think them.  I’m starting to tear up now as a matter of fact.

Rollin’ Hard was one of the first people that I managed after I officially moved out on my own in IWA and wasn’t with Ian.  It was with JProdigy (may he RIP), Rollin’ and Mean Mitch Page that I got my first opportunity to prove my worth without riding the coattails of Ian.  It was Rollin’ that I guided to my first IWA Mid-South heavyweight title after Ian.  It was Rollin’ and Mitch that I have had my longest history with in IWA outside of Ian.  I will always remember how excited Rollin’ was that night he won his first IWA heavyweight title.  A little kid at Christmas time would be the best way to describe it.

Rollin’ has exhibited great courage in his fight as he beat cancer once but now he is going to need all of us to help him this second time around.

I’ve got my boss at work looking into what would be needed to set up an charitable account that I can attach to an email address to accept Paypal donations from fans and friends.  I think it is the least that some of us can do in order to help out a brave and courageous man in his time of need.  Rollin’ has given his life to entertaining us, being a great father and being a great human being.  It is time that we return the favor and help him when he needs it most.

I’ll keep everyone updated after I find out from my boss if I can set up the account.

Sorry to end this thing on such a downer but it kills me that I’m six hours away and can only help from afar.

My ride is here for the auction so I will sign off in my customary way.

Good day.






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