Liberty Mutual is a pile of horse dung

I implore you readers of this blog to NEVER do business with Liberty Mutual Insurance in any form shape or fashion.

I have never seen worse customer service from a million dollar company.

I had the accident on Saturday February 16.  I don’t hear from the insurance company until Monday February 18.  I’m then notified that Naperville is too far away for one of their people to come look at my car in Joliet so an independent appraiser has to come look at the car.

I then hear nothing from Liberty Mutual.  I finally call them on Friday Febrary 22 to ask if the car has even been looked at or what the fuck is going on because I would like to be updated on these things.  I’m told that “oh, the independent appraiser looked at it yesterday and should be sending the estimate to us today…we’ll call you on Monday with the results.”

So Monday February 25, a FULL 9 DAYS AFTER THE ACCIDENT, I call because I haven’t heard anything all day and am told that the computer crashed on the independent appraiser and that they haven’t received the numbers yet but they would call me “first thing in the morning tomorrow” to let me know.  I tell them that I have to be at work at 10 am so I would like to hear before then.  “No problem, I’m writing it down right now.”

10 am today, no phone call.  10:45 after I’m already at work, I get a voicemail on my cell phone saying that the car is totaled.  However, a different department deals with total loss accidents.  I’m given a phone number and a name to get ahold of this person but “they should get ahold of you.”  So did I hear from this person today?  Hell no.

So we are going to enter DAY 12 of this bullshit of still not knowing what is going on with a car.

I’m tired of driving my grandma’s Ford Crown Victoria.  Last night in the blizzard, I could get no traction with the tires whatsoever.  I was going over the Illinois River Bridge with the speedometer reading 55 and the car moving maybe 2 miles per hour and fishtailing side to side.  People were driving past me laughing.

I would love to know how much money I’m getting.  I just sent out the car payment that was due on next Monday because I didn’t know what the hell was going on with the car.  I am tired of this waiting game and Liberty Mutual not giving a damn that 2 weeks have past without me getting any answers or knowing what the hell is going on.

My insurance is up on May 1st.  Feel free to leave suggestions on other car insurance companies that are out there so I can look into pricing and see if there is a better deal to be had.

Thanks for the input.

Good Day.






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