Help me form my lamenated list

I mentioned in my blog about Valentine’s Day, the NIU shooting and the Obama print about how Stacy said that Ryan Reynolds was on her lamenated list.

Since I didn’t have a lamenated list, I decided tonight that I would put forth some work on it and try to come up with my own list.  Here is my list of 10 choices that I came up with tonight.  It is still open for debate however.  I will allow you guys to post your thoughts (narrow the list of 10 down to 5 or let me know who I’m leaving out that should be on the list).  I open for suggestions.

I mean afterall, this thing is LAMENATED so it can’t be changed lol.

1.  Laura Prepon (I don’t think this one is open for debate guys but the rest are…she is just like the girl next door hot redhead that I never got to live next door to!)

2.  Nikki Cox (Red head…definitely up for debate however because I haven’t seen anything new from her in a loooooooooong time so who knows what she looks like now)

3.  Jillian Michaels (watch Biggest Loser every week and she has grown on me)

4.  Miranda Lambert (I met her once as the pic shows but she didn’t even pay attention to me.  Since I had a chance and failed, I don’t think she should be on the list lol)


5.  Jessica Biel  (I liked 7th Heaven, I liked Summer Catch or whatever it was called and I liked Chuck & Larry)

6.  Ashley Judd (UK alum from the same class as me…1999 so I have an in lol)

7.  Jennifer Aniston (I own all 10 seasons of Friends…she’s the all American girl…to hell with Angelina Jolie)

8.  Allyssa Milano (she was my first celebrity crush on Who’s The Boss and now she is all grown up)

9.  Allyson Hannigan (loved her in the American Pie movies and red head)

10.  Drew Barrymore (another I grew up watching and as a red head in the Red Sox movie…)

So there is my list of 10.  Again, after 1, it is open for debate.  So start the debate.

I expect to have plenty to read and look at tomorrow morning before work.

Good day.






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