Early Valentine’s Day followed by employee of the month

Friday night marked an early Valentine’s Day for Stacy and me.  When we made the plans, we didn’t know what my schedule was for next week (I ended up having the 14th off but oh well).  We decided to do Valentine’s Day on Friday night after I got off work at the bank.

As I got off work from the bank, I bought a couple of last second things to add to the gifts from the Jewel that we are inside.  First purchase…a balloon of two monkeys whose tails curve together to form a heart and they have tattoos on them that say “monkey love.”  Here is a photo:


The second purchase:  a scrumptous delicious giant chocolate chip cookie that says “Bee Mine” with a bee and a hive made out of frosting on it!


I load them into the car and take off to DeKalb through the rush hour traffic.  I arrive in DeKalb and give Stacy her gifts.  She loved the balloon and cookie.  Her male cat, Blackey, had the string chewed off the balloon in less than five seconds.  Bastard.  Anyways, she then opened up her other gifts.

First up, a personalized wooden picture frame that says “Stacy & Jim” around the edges and also says “If I know what love is, it is because of you”:


The last gift was a hardcover book that I had made from a picture site on the net where I got to put all of our pictures from our trips to Navy Pier, Florida, Virginia Beach, Texas etc and add some romantic captions to put together a “Love Story” book:


We then went to dinner at The Melting Pot in Oak Brook.  It was a very unique experience.  We had to cook our own food which I was not happy with.  I don’t expect to drop $110 on a meal AND have to cook it myself.  I could do that shit at home for much cheaper.

It was good food though.  I was surprised that I liked it.  We had a fiesta cheese fondue as an appetizer with salad and then steak, chicken, salmon, shrimp, potatoes, squash and broccoli as the entree.  Luckily I had the giant chocolate chip cookie at Stacy’s apartment or else the meal would have been upwards of $125-$130…although $25 of that was for the roses I had them put out at the table for Stacy to keep.


Saturday was a lounge around day as we were both lazy.  We then had to hustle back to Morris because I had to go to a meeting at the bank that had been rescheduled from earlier this week.

We went to dinner at Chilis with Stacy’s parents and then sped over to Minooka so I could make it to the meeting just in time.

We had to fill out a couple of quizes for training to have on record.  Then we went over the stats for last month.  I was the top teller for our branch and ranked 7 out of 53 for our entire region.  I was then named employee of the month for the branch and given a $25 Visa Gift Card for it.  A much better meeting than I was anticipating.  So if you live within driving distance of Minooka and want to help continue to make me employee of the month in the future, stop in to TCF and open a checking account…minimum deposit of $25 required to open account.

I took the $25 gift card and used it for Stacy and I to go to see the Vince Vaughn Wild West Comedy Show documentary at the Joliet theater.  It was very good.  There were only 4 of us total in the theater to watch it and it definitely deserved more than that.  It could have been better but it was good for a documentary and it would be very good for people like Maniwa to see in order to get insight into the life of a comic and it gives some tips and pointers for improving and getting better in comedy.

So it has been an awesome weekend so far.  Tomorrow is another off day from the bank so I think we are going to Cardinal Fitness to get in a good workout.

That is all.

Good Day.






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