This weather sucks donkey balls

Last night was just ridiculous trying to get home from work.  40 MPH winds were blowing snow across the road to where I couldn’t see the end of the front of my car let alone the car that was in front of me.

It took 45 minutes for me to drive home from work when it usually takes 15 minutes.  I have never driven in worse conditions in my life and I have driven through some crappy weather before.  15,000 in my Oldsmobile.  40,000 miles in my Grand Am.  140,000 miles in my Jeep.  260,000 miles in my Honda.  30,000 miles so far in my Malibu.  So I’ve put some miles in and last night was by far the worst.

I’m about to head out to work this morning and it is 30 MPH winds and -20 degrees out with the wind chill.  I have no desire to go outside in this but they aren’t going to close the bank.  I don’t think we’ll have much in the way of business today because we didn’t hardly have anything yesterday and it didn’t get bad until about 5:30 pm.

I guess I’m done complaining now.

Good day.






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